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Documents and Instructions

Budget Submissions: FY 2024-25 | FY 2023-24 | FY 2022-23 | FY 2021-22 | Past Budget Cycles

FY 2024-25 Budget Request

September 15th, Cash-Funded Capital Construction Requests

September 15th, Cash-Funded IT Capital Construction Requests

FY 2023-24 Budget Request

September 7th, 1331 Supplemental Request

June 6th, 1331 Supplemental Request

May 26th, Supplemental IT Capital Request

May 25th, Supplemental Capital Construction/Renewal Request

March 13th, Comebacks and Requests

January 27th, Supplemental Comebacks and Requests

January 25th, Supplemental Comebacks and Requests

January 20th, Supplemental Adjustments and Requests

January 17th, Supplemental Adjustments and Requests

January 3rd, Supplemental Budget Request Submission

December 12th, Submission to Capital Development Committee

November 15th, Presentation to Joint Budget Committee

November 1st, Budget Request Submission


FY 2022-23 Budget Request

September 7th, 1331 Submissions from BHA, CDPHE, and CDE

August 12th, 1331 Submissions from CDHE and DMVA

March 31st, Capital Submission of Nonmonetary Supplemental

March 14th, Comebacks Submission

January 24th, Comebacks Submission

January 18th, Budget Submission

January 3rd, Budget Amendment and Supplemental Package

December 10th, Submission of FY 2021-22 Supplemental and FY 2022-23 Budget Amendment IT Capital Requests

November 1st, Budget Request Submission

October 1st, Non-Prioritized Capital and IT Capital Submission

September 15th, Submission of 2022-23 Capital Requests

Budget Instructions

Spend Plan Guidance

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    Budget Cycle Calendar

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