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About OSPB

What We Do


The Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budgeting provides the Governor with timely and complete information and recommendations necessary to make sound public policy and budget decisions. Our mission is to foster the responsible use of state resources through effective and efficient planning, budgeting, and evaluation of state programs in a manner that is performance and outcome-focused.

This role is carried out through nine core functions:

  1. Developing reliable revenue estimates;
  2. Developing a defensible budget within revenue constraints;
  3. Analyzing the management, operations, and fiscal needs of executive branch agencies;
  4. Advocating for the Governor’s priorities and developing solutions to achieve his objectives;
  5. Tracking legislation and monitoring the legislative budget process;
  6. Providing accurate and concise public information;
  7. Driving a culture of operational excellence and innovation in government through strategic planning and performance management;
  8. Fostering leadership in the executive branch to sustain the delivery of government services in a customer-focused manner;
  9. Ensuring the best return on investment for state programs through research, evaluation, and measurable outcomes.


OSPB is a leader in state fiscal policy and budget management that drives executive branch success.

The Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB) was created in Section 24-37-102, C.R.S. and its responsibilities are enumerated in Section 24-37-302, C.R.S. (Link to Colorado Revised Statutes)    

Budget Team

The OSPB budget team serves primarily to provide the Governor and the Budget Director (OSPB director) with timely and accurate information, analysis, and recommendations on the annual state budget. Budget staff also analyze the management, operations, and fiscal needs of executive branch agencies. The team works directly with Departments in the executive branch, providing fiscal and technical consulting in preparation of the general appropriations operating budget and the capital construction and controlled maintenance budget of each department. Further, the budget team develops proposals for new legislation, participates in special projects, tracks legislation​, ​monitors the legislative budget process, and monitors budget implementation across the executive branch.