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Economic Outlook

Colorado’s economic recovery from the pandemic recession continues at a rapid pace, although headwinds exist. Labor market inefficiencies due to skill mismatches and job preferences are limiting improvements in the job market. Additionally, the Delta variant has reduced consumer confidence and constrained global supply chains, driving up expectations for higher inflation in the short- and medium-term. Monthly new business applications have stabilized at a high level after rapid increases through mid-2021, while business ownership has increased significantly among Blacks and Latinos. Furthermore, household finances are strong, with wage growth and government aid supporting high savings and low debt, underpinned by accommodative financial conditions.


Bryce Cooke - Chair

Alison Felix

Brian Lewandowski

Charles Gwirtsman

Ian Lange

Jessica Ostermick

Ken White, Jr.

Laura Jackson

Nathan Perry

Soloman Halpern

Shawn Osthoff

Tatiana Bailey

Tom Lipetzky

Trinidad Rodriguez

Wendy Lea