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Economic & Infrastructure DevelopmentECONOMY  Foster an economy that works for everyone.
Energy & EnvironmentENVIRONMENT & RENEWABLES  The Polis Administration is dedicated to moving Colorado's electric grid to 100% renewable sources by 2040 and protecting the environment for future generations.

Preserving the rich natural resources of Colorado is paramount to protecting our communities, advancing the state’s economy, and improving the health of Coloradans. This means promoting environment and energy policies that accelerate the adoption of clean, renewable resources and energy efficiency programming, advancing electrification efforts in our transportation sector, and ensuring appropriate funding and programming for the conservation of our public lands and wildlife.

The Polis Administration is dedicated to moving Colorado's electric grid to 100% renewable sources by 2040. Due to a rich history of private and public sector leadership, we enjoy a robust and quickly growing clean energy sector.  Moving forward, the administration will support this growth by promoting expanded investments in renewable energy projects, modernizing both our grid infrastructure and our regulatory processes to ensure that all Coloradans are reaping the full benefits of clean energy, incentivizing greater energy efficiency and conservation efforts and supporting Colorado’s clean energy innovators and entrepreneurs. At the same time, we must use all of the tools at our disposal to assist those workers and communities that have been the backbone of our incumbent energy system, positioning them to thrive as part of a 21st century, clean energy economy.

Electrifying cars, buses, and trucks not only leads to cleaner air and improved public health, but reduces greenhouse gas emissions from one of our top emitting sectors.  Colorado has taken significant steps to move forward on transportation electrification and stands out as a national leader, but there is still much work to be done.

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HealthHEALTH  Saving Coloradans money on healthcare.

Ensuring all Coloradans have access to affordable, quality healthcare is a top priority for the Polis Administration. This means protecting the gains made under the Affordable Care Act at the national level while expanding access, reducing costs, and eliminating inequities at the state level.

As a first step, Governor Polis is creating the Office of Saving People Money on Healthcare, headed by Lt. Governor Primavera. The goal of the Office is to identify and implement policies that will reduce health care costs while expanding access to quality care in every corner of Colorado.

Healthcare costs are rising and are expected to continue to increase exponentially in the future. While we saw a historic reduction in the number of uninsured Coloradans following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, people living in Colorado’s rural and mountain communities are losing ground because they cannot afford the care and coverage they need. Families across Colorado are having trouble affording their high premiums and out of pocket expenses, and the cost of providing coverage to employees is straining businesses and our overall economy.

The Office of Saving People Money on Health Care will study the drivers of healthcare costs and identify ways to make healthcare more affordable for individuals, small businesses, the uninsured, state government and state employees.

The Polis Administration is also committed to exploring new and innovative approaches to meet the diverse healthcare needs of all Coloradans. This includes greater transparency across the healthcare system -- including for prescription drugs -- and instituting paid family and medical leave so Colordoans can maintain economic stability in tough times. It also includes combating opioid and drug use that threatens so many families and communities, a renewed commitment to effective mental health treatment, and strategies that ensure Coloradans with disabilities can live, work and thrive in their communities of choice.

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Workforce Development & EducationEDUCATION  Expanding opportunity to fulfill every child's potential regardless of their zip code.

Governor Polis has a long history of advocating for Colorado’s children and their education, having founded several non-profit schools, served on the State Board of Education, and fought for our kids as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Education and the Workforce.  

Governor Polis believes that providing every child an excellent education is the best investment we can make in Colorado’s future, and that funding and improving our schools from preschool through college must be a top priority.

Governor Polis will lead an education system here in Colorado where teachers are respected, public schools are supported, and every child gets a strong start and the great education they need to unlock a bright future. From strategies that support our youngest learners and their families to building a stronger higher education and workforce development system, -- and everything in between -- the Polis Administration is working to ensure that a good education is in reach for every child and family in Colorado.

As a first step, the Polis Administration is committed to ensuring that free, full-day kindergarten is available to every child in every community in Colorado and universal access to high-quality preschool for all interested families. Despite strong research supporting full-day kindergarten, the state of Colorado currently only funds a half-day, leaving it to Colorado’s school districts to pull from other programs or to charge parents fees if they want to offer full-day kindergarten. That has led to damaging inequities that hurt our most vulnerable students and exacerbate achievement gaps. It is time we start providing a 21st century education to every student across Colorado, and free, full-day kindergarten is a great place to start.

It is no secret that Colorado’s K-12 education system needs additional funding to help fulfill every child’s potential. Governor Polis is committed to making progress on adequately and equitably funding our schools, and investing in programs that work to prepare students for college and careers. As every parent knows, teachers are critical to students’ success and deserve more support. Colorado has one of the fastest growing economies in the country. That success should fuel our schools and teachers. The Polis Administration will invest in teachers through professional development, improved wages and loan forgiveness, affordable housing, and better working conditions.

In today’s economy, education beyond high school is more important than ever. The Polis Administration is committed to making sure higher education and workforce development programs are in reach for every student, and is committed to saving students money.

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