Executive Staff

Lauren Larson
Executive Director

Edmond Toy
Chief of Staff


Megan Davisson
Deputy Director for Budget

Sherry Wolfe
Deputy Director for Programs

Bryce Cooke
Deputy Director for Tax and Economic Development

Lillian Patil
Chief of Federal Funds


Nora Owen
Executive Assistant

OSPB Staff

Alex Carlson
Principal Economist & Budget Analyst: Revenue Forecast, OEDIT

Anthony Taylor
Federal Funds Budget Analyst: CDA

Bryce Cooke
Chief Economist

Drake Koops
Budget and Policy Analyst: DPA (excluding Total Comp), JUD, LAW

Edward Crandall
Economist and Budget Analyst: CDOT, DOR

Geoff Alexander
Principal Analyst: CDHS, Behavioral Health

Keith Jacobi
Senior Budget and Policy Analyst: OIT, IT Capital, DPA (Total Comp)

Kevin Amirehsani
Senior Tax Policy Analyst

Manny Santistevan
Federal Funds Budget Analyst: DORA (all except DOI)

OSPB Staff (cont.)

Nicole Updegrove
Principal Budget and Policy Analyst: DEC

Noah Strayer
Budget and Policy Analyst: DOI, HCPF, DOLA

Pete Stein
Senior Budget and Policy Analyst: DPS, DOC (interim), DCJ (interim)

Quyncc Johnson
Budget and Policy Analyst: CDPHE

Samantha Krejcik
Federal Funds Analyst

Skyler Schuck
Economist and Budget Analyst: State, Treasury

Tammy Pacheco
Capital and Budget Manager: Capital Construction, DMVA

Tanvir Bhuyain
Principal Budget and Policy Analyst: CDHE, CEO, DNR, CDLE (interim)

Will Mixon
Senior Economist and Budget Analyst: CDE, School Finance

Research and Evidence-Based Policy 

Edmond Toy
Chief of Staff

Visit the Research and Evidence-Based Policy website for more information.

PB Systems

Irene Law
Performance Budgeting Manager

Visit the Performance Budgeting website for more information.

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