Executive Staff

Mark Ferrandino
Executive Director

Edmond Toy
Chief of Staff


Adrian Leiter
Deputy Director for Budget

Sherry Wolfe
Deputy Director for Programs & Stimulus

Bryce Cooke
Deputy Director for Tax & Economic Development


Rey Turner
Executive Assistant

Debbie Lagerborg
Administrative Assistant

OSPB Staff

Alex Carlson
Manager: Fiscal Planning

Anders Shropshire
Tax Policy Analyst

Anthony Taylor
Senior Analyst: Fed Funds Reporting, Compliance & Tracking, CDA

Clint Saloga
Long Range Financial Planning Analyst

Danielle Fheili
Budget & Policy Analyst: DEC

Drake Koops
Budget & Policy Analyst: DPA (excluding Total Comp.), JUD, LAW

Diva Mardones
Budget Control Lead

Edward Crandall
Economist & Budget Analyst: CDOT, DOR, MCTF

Emily Hrovat
Long Range Financial Planning Analyst

Geoff Alexander
Manager: Health, Housing & Human Services

Jake Feldman
Budget & Policy Analyst: Total Compensation Partnership Agreement

Jordan Ta
Budget & Policy Analyst: Emergency Funds, FEMA, DORA

Keith Jacobi
Manager: IT Capital & Budget

Liam Palmbach
Budget & Policy Analyst: DNR, CEO

OSPB Staff (cont.)

Nicole Updegrove
Manager: Budget & Training

Noah Strayer
Senior Budget & Policy Analyst: DOLA, HCPF, DORA, DOI

Nora Owen
Budget & Policy Analyst: DOC

Pete Stein
Manager: Emergency Funds, Stimulus, & Public Safety

Quyncc Johnson
Budget & Policy Analyst: CDPHE

Rebecca Tyus
Senior Budget & Policy Analyst: CDHE, CDLE, History CO

Samantha Krejcik
Federal Funds Planning Analyst: DMVA, OEDIT

Sandy Gonzalez
Budget & Policy Analyst: BHA, CDHS

Luna Checho Gonzalez
Budget & Policy Analyst: DPS

Skyler Schuck
Data Analyst & Economist: Treasury, State

Soumanetra Ghosh
Economist & Budget Analyst: CDE

Tammy Pacheco
Senior Budget & Policy Analyst: Capital 

Tanvir Bhuyain
Manager: Environment & Workforce

Will Mixon
Manager: Revenue & K-12

Research and Evidence-Based Policy 

Edmond Toy
Chief of Staff

Visit the Research and Evidence-Based Policy website for more information.

PB Systems

Irene Law
Performance Budgeting Manager

Visit the Performance Budgeting website for more information.

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