Governor Polis Marks Conclusion of Bill Signing Period Following Landmark Legislative Session that Delivered Real Results for Colorado

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis marked the conclusion of the bill-signing period following this year’s landmark legislative session that delivered real results for Colorado.


“I will continue to challenge us to envision what we want Colorado to look like when our beautiful state turns 150. Colorado has among the best economies and talented workforces in the country and I was proud to sign bipartisan new laws to build upon our administration’s efforts to save people money on health care, achieve 100% renewable energy by 2040, improve education for every student, make us one of the ten safest states, cut property taxes and ensure Colorado is the best place to live and work,” said Governor Polis. “There’s more work to do to help Coloradans save money and live the life they want so I am grateful for the leadership of Speaker McCluskie, President Fenberg, Minority Leaders Lynch and Lundeen, and legislators for their commitment to public service and look forward to the years of partnership ahead.”


This year, in partnership with the legislature, Governor Polis signed a fiscally responsible and bipartisan budget that includes record savings for the future and record investments in Colorado students. The Governor signed nation-leading laws investing in education and workforce, improving math scores, achieving 100% renewable energy by 2040, harnessing geothermal, making Colorado one of the top ten safest states, and bold efforts to help save people money on health care and prescription drugs, a measure to help cut property taxes for Coloradans and seniors and addressing housing challenges. Gov. Polis also signed a new law that allows Colorado farmers and ranchers to finally be able to legally fix their own equipment, expand freedom and protect access to reproductive health care, and combat gun violence


Governor Polis signed 473 bills into law across Colorado, the majority of which were bipartisan. 


Today the Governor signed bills into law administratively: 

  • HB23-1086 Due Process Asset Forfeiture Act - Representatives Ken DeGraaf and Junie Joseph, Senators Mark Baisley and Faith Winter
  • HB23-1132 The Court Data-sharing Task Force - Representatives Marc Snyder and Matt Soper, Senator Rhonda Fields
  • HB23-1133 Cost Of Phone Calls For Persons In Custody - Representatives Mandy Lindsay and Judy Amabile, Senators Julie Gonzales and Robert Rodriguez
  • HB23-1135 Penalty For Indecent Exposure In View Of Minors - Representatives Dafna Michaelson Jenet and Shannon Bird, Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Jim Smallwood
  • HB23-1138 Procedures Related To Adult Competency - Representatives Judy Amabile and Matt Soper, Senator Robert Rodriguez 
  • HB23-1158 Colorado Commodity Supplemental Food Grant Program - Representative  Jenny Willford, Senator Rick Taggart, Kyle Mullica 
  • HB23-1182 Remote Public Access To Criminal Court Proceedings - Representatives Elisabeth Epps and Javier Mabrey, Senators Rhonda Fields and Bob Gardner
  • HB23-1181 Guaranteed Asset Protection Agreements - Representative Tisha Mauro, Senators Nick Hinrichsen and Kyle Mullica
  • HB23-1192 Additional Protections In Consumer Code - Representative  Mike Weissman, Senators Julie Gonzales and Robert Rodriguez
  • HB23-1196 Remedies At Law For Violating Colorado Youth Act - Representative Sheila Lieder, Senator Tom Sullivan
  • HB23-1200 Improved Outcomes Persons Behavioral Health - Representatives Naquetta Ricks and Rod Bockenfeld, Senator Kyle Mullica
  • HB23-1205 Office Of Judicial Ombudsman - Representatives Mike Lynch and Jennifer Bacon, Senators Bob Gardner and Dominick Moreno
  • HB23-1216 Natural Gas Pipeline Safety - Representatives Tammy Story and Meg Froelich, Senator Jessie Danielson
  • HB23-1223 Task Force To Prioritize Grants Target Population - Representatives Jennifer Bacon and Regina English, Senator Rhonda Fields 
  • HB23-1235 Technical Modification To Department Of Early Childhood - Representative Emily Sirota, Senator Janet Buckner
  • HB23-1242 Water Conservation In Oil And Gas Operations - Representatives Andrew Boesenecker and Junie Joseph, Senators Lisa Cutter and Kyle Priola
  • HB23-1244 Regional Health Connector Program - Representatives Chris deGruy Kennedy and Elizabeth Velasco, Senator Kyle Priola 
  • HB23-1250 Attorney General Jurisdiction Regulate Architects -Representative Rose Pugliese, Senator Byron Pelton
  • HB23-1251 Repeal Of Obsolete Provisions In Title 39 - Representatives Elisabeth Epps and Rose Pugliese,Senator Byron Pelton
  • HB23-1253 Task Force To Study Corporate Housing Ownership - Representatives Said Sharbini and Mandy Lindsay, Senator Nick Hinrichsen
  • HB23-1262 Colorado Re-engaged Initiative Modifications - Representatives Naquetta Ricks and Brandi Bradley, Senator Kyle Priola
  • HB23-1266 Reverse Mortgage Repayment When Home Uninhabitable - Representatives Kyle Brown and Naquetta Ricks, Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Janet Buckner 
  • HB23-1297 Prohibit Corporation Issuing Scrip In Bearer Form - Representatives Elisabeth Epps and Rick Taggart, Senator Byron Pelton
  • HB23-1307 Juvenile Detention Services And Funding - Representatives Lindsey Daugherty and Matt Soper, Senators Cleave Simpson and Robert Rodriguez