Saving People Money on Health Care: Governor Polis Signs Bills into Law

Wednesday, May 10, 2023

THORNTON - Today, Governor Polis will sign bills into law, building upon the Polis administration’s work in partnership with the legislature to make sure all Coloradans can access high-quality, affordable health care. 

“This session, I was proud to partner with the legislature and Lt. Governor Primavera on more ways to save people money on health care. We are leaving no stone unturned in our ongoing plans to continue saving people money on health care and make sure Coloradans have the care and resources they need to thrive,” said Gov. Polis.

In Boulder, Governor Polis joined legislative sponsors and community members to sign HB23-1218 Health Facility Patient Information Denied Service sponsored by Representatives Kyle Brown and Brianna Titone, Senator Sonya Jaquez Lewis to increase transparency for patients. This legislation ensures that Coloradans can proactively seek care at the right place and save time, money, and confusion. 

Governor Polis also signed HB23-1243 Hospital Community Benefit sponsored by Representative Judy Amabile and Senator Dominick Moreno. In his State of the State address to the legislature, Governor Polis called for more transparency and this legislation delivers on that commitment, helping to ensure that Colorado’s nonprofit hospitals live up to the promise of their nonprofit status by providing services to their patients that are priorities for the communities they serve.

This morning, at Clinica Family Health in Thornton, Governor Polis will sign HB23-1201 Prescription Drug Benefits Contract Term Requirements sponsored by Representatives Lindsey Daugherty and Matt Soper, Senators Kyle Mullica and Jim Smallwood, and SB23-002 Medicaid Reimbursement For Community Health Services sponsored by House Speaker Julie McCluskie, Representative Mary Bradfield, Senators Kyle Mullica and Cleave Simpson. This legislation supports Colorado’s hardworking healthcare workforce, helps Coloradans find care and stay healthy, reduces the cost of healthcare, provides meaningful jobs for trusted community members and works to improve health equity for patients across Colorado.

This afternoon in Aurora, Governor Polis will sign HB23-1227 Enforce Laws Against Pharmacy Benefit Managers sponsored by Representatives Iman Jodeh and David Ortiz and Senators Perry Will and Sonya Jaquez Lewis, building upon the Polis administration’s bold work to save people money on prescription drugs and protect consumers from high costs. Governor Polis will also sign HB23-1224 Standardized Health Benefit Plan sponsored by Representatives Kyle Brown and Iman Jodeh and Senator Dylan Roberts, to build upon the historic Colorado Option, creating more affordable options for Coloradans to get the healthcare coverage they need. This legislation is another important step to hold carriers accountable for rate reductions, create a more efficient public hearing process and help Coloradans more easily find and compare the plans that work best for them and their families. 

In Aurora, Governor Polis will then sign SB23-260 Individual Access To Publicly Funded Vaccines sponsored by Representatives Mandy Lindsay and Jenny Willford, Senators Kyle Mullica and Faith Winter and HB23-1225 Extend And Modify Prescription Drug Affordability Board sponsored by Representatives Chris deGruy Kennedy and Ruby Dickson, Senators Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Janet Buckner to save people money on prescription drugs and make life-saving vaccines more accessible and affordable.