Governor Polis, Bipartisan Legislators Announce Historic Investments in Data-Driven Math Support for Colorado Students, Honor Schools Going Above & Beyond to Boost Math Performance

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Bipartisan legislation unveiled to provide evidence-based math support for preschool - 12th-grade students 

 Polis administration in partnership with the legislature continues to provide unprecedented investments in high-quality education, saving families money on after-school programming

DENVER - Today, Governor Polis, joined by state legislators, teachers, after-school providers, and community members, announced historic bipartisan investments in evidence-based math support for Colorado students. The legislation, sponsored by State Representative Barbara McLachlan, Assistant Minority Leader  Rose Pugliese, State Senator Janice Marchman, and Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen, provides unprecedented support for math instruction and improvement for students in pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade to get every Colorado student on track to math proficiency.

​“The numbers are clear - investing in improving math achievement for Colorado students just adds up, which is why we are taking bold action today to boost math instruction and make sure every Colorado student has the tools and resources they need to thrive. This data-driven model invests in what we know works, and saves families money on high-impact after-school programming for students from preschool to high school. We are proud to continue partnering with the legislature to continue putting Colorado kids first,” said Gov. Polis.

Taking an all-hands-on-deck approach to boosting student achievement in math, this initiative provides bold support for after-school programming, doubles the footprint of ninth-grade math interventions, embeds evidence-based math best practices into educator preparation programs, and adds a focus on early numeracy into preschool quality standards. 

“The last few years have been anything but normal for our students, and pandemic-induced learning disruptions have taken their toll, especially when it comes to advancing math skills,” said Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango. “As a former teacher, I’m proud to sponsor this bipartisan legislation that uses evidence-based tactics to boost our student’s math skills, provide after-school learning to students who need it the most and expand math training opportunities to teachers and other education providers. Together, we’re making a historic investment to improve education in Colorado, boost math skills and set up our students to thrive.”

"We are boosting math achievement, starting with preschool and continuing to elevate data-driven math instruction through high school, to make sure students across the state can succeed in school and beyond. As a parent of a child with special learning needs, I know firsthand how important after-school support can be, which is why this legislation is so important for Colorado students today,” said Assistant Minority Leader  Rose Pugliese, R - Colorado Springs, House District 14.

“Too many of our students are struggling to hit grade-level math targets. As an engineer turned math teacher, I know firsthand how crucial math competency is for school and career success,” said Senator Janice Marchman, D-Loveland. “Resources like free tutoring, a state-licensed digital math accelerator program, and partnerships with community organizations to provide wraparound services for our students will give families, educators,  partners, and students the tools they need to get our kids caught up, and will help ensure that students of all ages are getting the high-quality education they need to thrive.”

"Through our evidence-based approach, we are taking the strategies and tools that we know work and scaling them to reach students across Colorado. We are meeting students, teachers, and families where they are, providing flexibility through meaningful and high-impact out-of-school opportunities that focus on evidence-based math achievement,” said Senate Minority Leader Paul Lundeen, R- Monument.

This legislation provides robust support for students, families, and teachers using evidence-based best practices to expand time-on-task math engagement for students and train-the-trainer support for educators and parents while saving families on average $4,500 on after-school programming. 

Governor Polis also announced the Math Bright Spot Award-winning schools, 12 schools that demonstrated exceptional growth in math achievement since 2019. The schools selected to receive the Governor’s Math Bright Spot award will receive $50,000 dollars of federal Governor’s Emergency Education Relief (GEER) funds to go towards investments such as offering tutoring services and other enrichment programs that aim to increase student outcomes, expanding student resources, and faculty development. 

The 12 schools to receive the Governor’s Math Bright Spot Award include:

  • Thornton Elementary School, Thornton
  • Roosevelt Charter Academy, Colorado Springs
  • Chipeta Elementary School, Colorado Springs
  • Fowler Junior High School,  Fowler
  • Hi-Plains High School,  Siebert
  • Chatfield Elementary School, Grand Junction
  • Moffat Senior High School, Moffat
  • La Jara Elementary School, La Jara
  • Minnequa Elementary School, Pueblo
  • Avondale Elementary School, Avondale
  • Rocky Mountain Elementary School, Longmont
  • Hudson Elementary School, Hudson

Today’s announcement is the latest in a series of bold steps the Polis administration has taken in partnership with the legislature to provide high-quality education to Colorado students while saving families money, including through full-day kindergarten and universal preschool saving families thousands per year.