Lt. Governor Primavera Attends White House Event on Lowering Health Care Costs

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Polis-Primavera administration is committed to saving people money on health care

WASHINGTON D.C. – This morning, Lt. Governor Dianne Primavera, head of the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care  Colorado was pleased to join President Biden and Vice President Harris in the East Room of the White House for the announcement of a new effort to lower the cost of prescription drugs and health care costs for seniors. President Biden delivered remarks on his Administration’s efforts to lower health care costs for millions of American families. The Polis-Primavera administration is committed to saving people money on health care. While in Washington D.C., Lt. Governor Primavera also met with other Biden administration officials to discuss Polis-Primavera healthcare priorities. 

“I was honored to join the White House today to hear about the President's historic new effort and focus on saving seniors money on prescription drugs. Under my and Governor Polis’s leadership, Colorado is working to save people money on health care and prescription drugs, too. The Polis-Primavera administration, in partnership with our legislature, has led the nation in capping the price of insulin and creating a Prescription Drug Affordability Board, because in the words of Vice President Harris people shouldn’t be forced to choose between filling their fridges and filling their prescriptions. We are excited to be joined by national leadership in this effort, and we look forward to more bipartisan efforts to save people money on health care and ensure Coloradans have the care and resources they need to thrive,” said Lt. Governor Primavera. 

Today, the President discussed ways the Inflation Reduction Act is giving millions of seniors and American families more ways to save money and because of the law, Medicare has the power to negotiate lower drug prices for American seniors. President Biden and Vice President Harris and guests were joined by a Medicare beneficiary who relies on expensive prescription medications to treat his chronic conditions. As a result of the bipartisan Inflation Reduction Act, Medicare now covers his insulin prescriptions with a $35 co-pay cap. 

This year, Gov. Polis during his state of the state address, shared the story of a Coloradan benefitting from the state’s new law capping the price of insulin.  “With us today is Karisa, a type 1 Diabetic. Thanks to our work to cap insulin costs - the first legislation of its kind in the country - she no longer has to choose between buying groceries and the insulin she needs. She described that bill as “saving her life” and we are so grateful to have her here today,” the Governor said during the January address. 

This year, Governor Polis signed more new laws to ensure all Coloradans can access high-quality, affordable health care.  Over the past four-plus years, the Polis-Primavera administration has made saving people money and increasing access to health care a top priority:

  • Passing the bipartisan reinsurance program saves people between $2800 to $7500 on health insurance premiums.

  • Colorado became the first state to cap insulin costs to $100 when people previously paid between $600 and even as high as 5,000 per month, according to studies. 

  • Passed the landmark Colorado Option, creating more competition and lowers premiums and insurance costs. 

  • Increased hospital transparency so people can shop for care and to reduce the underlying drivers of high hospital costs. 

  • Continuing to save people money on prescription drugs by pushing to import lower-cost drugs from Canada.

  • Strengthened the Prescription Drug Affordability Board to cut the cost of prescription drugs for employers and save people money.