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Current Conditions at Active Air Monitoring Sites

Map Key: (Learn more about the Air Quality Index (AQI) categories from the EPA)
Real-time AQI Not Available** Good Moderate Unhealthy for sensitive groups Unhealthy Extremely poor Hazardous

This map may have compatibility issues with some browser and operating system combinations.

Only active CDPHE air quality monitoring sites are shown on this map.

*The APCD monitoring network is set to run on Mountain Standard Time (MST) year-round. Between March and October, when local time is adjusted for Mountain Daylight Saving Time (MDT), the data reported on this website can be adjusted from MST, as it’s reported, to MDT by adding 1-hour to the reported monitoring times.

**Real-time AQI values are not available at some monitoring sites such as those where the air samples must be analyzed in a laboratory after they are collected.

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment/APCD/Technical Services Program
visit us at: http://www.colorado.gov/airquality - all data are preliminary