Diabetes education
Effort will help Colorado Medicaid patients, may save taxpayers millions

Starting this year, diabetes education will benefit Coloradans on Medicaid, enhancing the quality of life for thousands of residents while potentially saving taxpayers nearly $30 million a year in health care costs.
Thanks to a collaborative effort between state departments of Public Health and Environment and Health Care Policy and Finance, the Colorado Legislature recently approved funding to provide diabetes self-management education as a Medicaid benefit.
The agencies estimate 11 percent of those in the health care programs that cover most Medicaid patients have diabetes, and at least 30 percent have prediabetes. Accredited, evidence-based education programs can help them learn how to eat healthier, stay active, monitor their medications and solve health issues.
“This will eliminate needless suffering for thousands of Coloradans and save taxpayers millions of dollars in preventable acute care,” said Gabriel Kaplan, who manages the state health department’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Branch. ... more


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