Police Department

South Fork Police Department

100 Silver Thread Lane

PO Box 369

South Fork, Colorado 81154

Phone (719) 873-1040, Fax (719) 873-1052

E-mail: policechief@southfork.org

Find us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/policechief951/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel


It is the mission of the South Fork Police Department to provide the community with efficient, effective and professional law enforcement service, which will enhance and enrich the lives of all its citizens. We will accomplish this mission by living a life of integrity, accepting nothing less than honesty, showing dignity for all. By being dependable, objective and fair in our dealings with the community. We will always accept responsibility for our actions and continue to seek improvement in our professional lives.


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Depositing Snow on Roadway Prohibited

South Fork Police Department

Colorado Concealed Weapons Course


A concealed Weapons firearm training course will be offered by the South Fork Police Department on August 24 and 25, 2018. This will be an eight hour course and will satisfy requirements for a concealed firearm carry permit upon successful completion.

Cost: No charge for the course, a range fee, if not a member of Rio Grande Sportsman Club may apply. We do take donations for the range.

When: The course will begin at 6:00 pm on August 24, until 10:00 pm. This will be a classroom study. Bring firearm for inspection. NO AMMUNITION PLEASE. There will be four hours of training in the use and proficiency of a firearm. Saturday August 25, 2018 we will meet at the Rio Grande Sportsman Club at 8:00 am for weapons function check and live fire proficiency.

Where: Friday at the South Fork Community Center, 254 Hwy 149, South Fork, CO 81154. Saturday at the Rio Grande Sportsman Club located between Monte Vista and Del Norte on Highway 160 and Rifle Range Road.

Materials: A modern center fire or rim fire handgun will be acceptable upon completion of a safety and function check by on-site armors. A suitable hip holster will be required for training. No cross draw or shoulder holsters. Please bring a minimum of thirty (30) rounds of factory practice ammunition. Hearing protection and eye protection will be required. A ball cap, for sun protection, and proper clothing is recommended. Classroom size is limited to TWENTY (20), please register early. Standby registrations will be accepted in the case of cancellations. Please register by bringing or mailing this registration form to the South Fork Police Department or emailing to policechief@southfork.org. If you have any questions regarding registration please contact Chief Don McDonald, South Fork Police Department at 719-873-1040 or TEXT to (719) 440-8787.


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Helpful Information

Department of Motor Vehicle

Vehicle Registration — Rio Grande County Clerk/Recorders Office: (719) 657-3334


Driver License

Required to change after 30 days to a Colorado driver license after becoming a resident.

DMV, 715 6th St., Alamosa (719) 589-4274


Department of Revenue

The go to site for motor vehicle, taxes and driver information


The South Fork Police Department needs your help, please report all suspicious activity, persons and vehicles in your neighborhood. Together we can make our community safe.

Please be aware of of the Public Health and Safety Ordinance 02-05 regarding trash containers and littering.