• Sunset in District 4

    Photo by Trooper Chmielewski from District 4, Vail.

  • Taylor Thyfault

    Colorado State Patrol Cadet Trooper Taylor J. Thyfault. End of watch May 23, 2015.

  • 2015 Awards Ceremony

    Save the date for the 2015 Colorado State Patrol Awards Ceremony. April 2, 2015, in Denver, CO. View the nominees.

  • Don't Text & Drive

    Don't Text & Drive! Arrive Alive!

  • First Time Dui

    Be safe when out enjoying the game, designate a sober driver!

  • Buzzed Driving Is Drunk Driving

    Stay safe when out enjoying the game. Designate a Sober Driver.

  • Meet the Members of Our Family

    Introducing you to our family is a way for the Colorado State Patrol to highlight the differences and unique similarities between our members. Each month we will highlight two of our members. Each featured trooper was asked to complete a short questionnaire pertaining to their personal and professional goals, work history, attending the CSP Academy, and what else they would love to do. We think you will find that our family is much like yours! Click here to read the interviews. 

  • Puffing is Illegal

    Leaving your car running unattended, or puffing, wastes gas, gives car thieves an easy way to steal your car, and is illegal in Colorado. 
  • CSP Charger - Red Mountain Pass

    Travel safe this winter!

  • I Am A Trooper

    Watch Video