More Housing Now: Governor Polis Signs Bills to Legalize ADUs and Create More Housing Near Transit

Monday, May 13, 2024

DENVER - Today, Governor Polis signed bills into law that support more housing near transit, and allow Coloradans the freedom to build accessory dwelling units (ADUs, also called mother-in-law flats or casitas) on their property, creating more housing options that are affordable. Governor Polis called for both of these actions in his 2024 State of the State address.

The Governor started the day by signing the bipartisan HB24-1152, Accessory Dwelling Units, sponsored by Representatives Judy Amabile and Ron Weinberg, and Senators Kyle Mullica and Tony Exum. This legislation gives homeowners the freedom to build an accessory dwelling unit, or casita, on their property without costly paperwork and delays, creating more housing opportunities Coloradans can afford, helping homeowners benefit from additional income, and allowing Coloradans to have a space where younger or older family members can live with them.

“Coloradans have demanded solutions that will reduce the cost of housing and I’m proud that we have worked together to deliver real results. Accessory dwelling units are a lower-cost option that can help increase housing choices for Coloradans. Coloradans are overwhelmingly supportive of ADUs and this legislation gives many Coloradans the freedom to build them on their property if they choose to. I appreciate the work of the bill sponsors and look forward to seeing Coloradans take advantage of this new freedom,” said Governor Polis.

Governor Polis also signed HB24-1313, Housing in Transit-Oriented Communities, sponsored by Representatives Steven Woodrow and Iman Jodeh, and Senators Chris Hansen and Faith Winter. This bill encourages communities to build more housing near transit, reducing time and money spent in the car, improving air quality, and creating more housing near jobs and transit.

“Housing and transit go hand in hand, and with this legislation we are saving Coloradans money and helping them live where they want, with access to what they need. Thank you to the sponsors and the broad coalition that supported these bills to create a more affordable Colorado,” said Governor Polis.