Governor Polis Signs Legislation to Strengthen Colorado’s Healthcare and Veterinarian Workforce, Support Strong Agriculture Industry, and Make Colorado Safer

Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Giving students the tools they need to provide Coloradans, our Agriculture industry, and domestic pets the high-quality care they deserve

DENVER - Today, Governor Polis signed legislation to provide historic funding to Colorado institutions to strengthen Colorado’s healthcare and veterinarian workforce, including creating Colorado’s third medical school. Just like the rest of the nation, Colorado faces a shortage of doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other healthcare professionals. Governor Polis and legislative leaders are investing additional funding to create Colorado’s third medical school and support program and facility expansion at three other institutions to address this need for future generations. This bold investment will address Colorado’s healthcare workforce shortages, ensure Coloradans and their pets get the high-quality care they need, and provide Colorado’s critical agriculture Industry with the veterinary care they need.

  • HB24-1231 State Funding for Higher Education Projects, sponsored by Representatives Mary Young and Lindsay Daugherty, and Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer and Kyle Mullica. The Governor joined bipartisan legislators and higher education leaders from Colorado State University, University of Northern Colorado, Metro State University, Trinidad State College, and the Colorado Community College System for the announcement of this bill earlier this year.

“I’m so excited that Colorado will now have a new medical school in Greeley. With this investment, Colorado will train more world-class doctors, nurses, veterinarians, and other health professionals to provide Coloradans with the care they need. These new opportunities will attract students from Colorado and across the country to our communities, strengthening our healthcare workforce and supporting our economy. I thank the sponsors for their work on this bill,” said Governor Polis.

Governor Polis also signed the following bills during a ceremony in the Governor's Office.

  • SB24-066 Firearms Merchant Category Code, sponsored by Representatives Meg Froelich and Javier Mabrey, and Senator Tom Sullivan.
  • SB24-137 Planting of Uncertified Potatoes, sponsored by Representatives Matthew Martinez and Richard Holtorf, and Senators Cleave Simpson and Julie Gonzales.

Governor Polis signed the following bills into law administratively:

  • SB24-025 Update Local Government Sales & Use Tax Collection, sponsored by Representatives Cathy Kipp and Rick Taggart, and Senators Jeff Bridges and Kevin Van Winkle.
  • SB24-026 Agriculture & Natural Resources Public Engagement Requirement, sponsored by Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Marc Catlin, and Senators Dylan Roberts and Perry Will.
  • SB24-073 Maximum Number of Employees to Qualify as Small Employer, sponsored by Representatives Elizabeth Velasco and Brianna Titone, and Senators Jim Smallwood and Robert Rodriguez.
  • SB24-081 Perfluoroalkyl & Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals, sponsored by Representatives Cathy Kipp and Manny Rutinel, and Senator Lisa Cutter.
  • SB24-108 Prohibit Unauthorized Use Public Safety Radio, sponsored by Representatives Jennifer Parenti and Ron Weinberg, and Senators Kevin Priola and Mark Baisley.
  • SB24-145 Uniform Unlawful Restrictions in Land Records, sponsored by Representatives Marc Snyder and Manny Rutinel, and Senator Bob Gardner.
  • SB24-161 Parks and Wildlife Licenses and Passes, sponsored by Representatives Meghan Lukens and Matt Soper, and Senators Rod Pelton and Janice Marchman.
  • SB24-172 Hemp Product Definition Marijuana Regulation, sponsored by Representative Barbara McLachlan, and Senator Byron Pelton.
  • SB24-176 Update Medicaid Member Terminology, sponsored by Representatives Elisabeth Epps and Barbara McLachlan, and Senators Joann Ginal and Nick Hinrichsen.
  • SB24-177 History Colorado to Dispose of Storage Facility, sponsored by Representatives Marc Catlin and Tammy Story, and Senators Kyle Mullica and Cleave Simpson.
  • HB24-1248 Non-Testamentary Electronic Estate Planning Docs, sponsored by Representatives Marc Snyder and Matt Soper, and Senator Bob Gardner.