Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law, Visits Western Slope

Monday, May 20, 2024

WESTERN SLOPE - Today, Governor Polis traveled through the western slope from Vail to Paonia to sign bills into law.

While at the Bair Ranch Rest Area in Gypsum, Governor Polis signed bills to ensure Colorado roads and highways are safe for all Coloradans, visitors, and workers:

  • HB24-1135 - Offenses Related to Operating a Vehicle, sponsored by Representatives Matt Soper and Marc Snyder, and Senators Dylan Roberts and Perry Will.
  • SB24-100 - Commercial Vehicle Highway Safety Measures, sponsored by Senators Dylan Roberts and Perry Will, and Representatives Elizabeth Velasco and Rick Taggart.
    • “Ensuring that our roads and highways are safe is important, especially here in Colorado’s high country, and these bills help accomplish that. I appreciate the work of the sponsors on this legislation and look forward to making our roads safer by signing these bills,” said Governor Polis.

Governor Polis then traveled to New Castle, where he signed legislation to strengthen wildfire mitigation and response in Colorado:

  • HB24-1006 - Assist Rural Community Wildfire-Related Grant Application, sponsored by Representatives Elizabeth Velasco and Marc Snyder, and Senators Lisa Cutter and Perry Will.
  • HB24-1024 - Extend Outreach Campaigns Wildfire Risk Mitigation, sponsored by Representatives Tammy Story and Elizabeth Velasco, and Senator Cutter.
    • “Colorado no longer has a wildfire season, the threat is year-round, and today’s action ensures our communities have the tools to prevent wildfires and keep Coloradans safe. These new laws protect and educate Coloradans about wildfire mitigation and provide communities with important resources. Preventing wildfires is a collective responsibility and Colorado continues making critical investments to help Coloradans keep themselves and their families safe,” said Governor Polis.

This afternoon, Governor Polis will travel to Paonia to sign:

  • SB24-126 - Conservation Easement Income Tax Credit, sponsored by Representatives Megan Lukens and Mike Lynch, and Senators Perry Will and Faith Winter, and
  • HB24-1436 - Sports Betting Tax Revenue Voter Approval, sponsored by Representatives Julie McCluskie and Marc Catlin, and Senators Dylan Roberts and Cleave Simpson.

Finally, Governor Polis will travel to Loveland Pass to sign SB24-171 - Restoration of Wolverines, sponsored by Senators Perry Will and Dylan Roberts, and Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Tisha Mauro.

“I am thrilled to welcome Wolverines back to Colorado! A diverse and healthy environment strengthens Colorado’s booming eco-tourism and outdoor recreation sectors. Today, we begin to add Wolverines to the list of animals reintroduced to Colorado, ensuring Colorado remains the best state in the nation for ecodiversity and outdoor enthusiasts,” said Governor Polis.