Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law to Support Students and Educators and Strengthen Colorado’s Workforce

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Creating a student-centered school finance formula, providing students with out-of-the-classroom opportunities, and strengthening Colorado’s workforce

ENGLEWOOD - Today, Governor Polis signed bills into law that provide  Colorado’s students  and educators with the resources they need to succeed, further research and understand the history of native boarding schools in Colorado, and strengthen Colorado’s workforce. 

At Denver Indian Center, Governor Polis signed HB24-1444 - Federal Indian Boarding School Research Program, sponsored by Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Leslie Herod, and Senators Jeff Bridges and Cleave Simpson.

Governor Polis then traveled to the Denver Broncos Boys & Girls Club where he signed HB24-1331 - Out-of-School Time Grant Program, sponsored by Representatives Rick Taggart and Jennifer Bacon, and Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer and Jeff Bridges to expand learning opportunities for students outside the classroom. Governor Polis then visited Virginia Court Elementary where he signed legislation to ensure school funding keeps students and their success at the center. 

  • SB24-188 - Public School Finance, sponsored by Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Janet Buckner, and Representatives Shannon Bird and Barbara McLachlan.
  • HB24-1448 - New Public School Finance Formula, sponsored by Representatives Julie McCluskie and Jennifer Bacon, and Senators Paul Lundeen and Rachel Zenzinger.  

“I am thrilled that today we have updated the school finance formula for the first time in thirty years, ensuring that Colorado schools and students have the resources they need to succeed. With this new and better way to fund schools, we are ensuring that students of all backgrounds can thrive in our schools, strengthening Colorado’s future,” said Governor Polis. 

Later today, Governor Polis will visit Englewood High School to sign legislation to strengthen Colorado’s workforce, provide teachers with professional development opportunities, and ensure students are rewarded for their hard work. 

  •  HB24-1364 - Education-Based Workforce Readiness, sponsored by Representatives Julie McCluskie and Jennifer Bacon, and Senators Jeff Bridges and Paul Lundeen.

“Colorado’s students represent the future of every industry and by creating pathways for students to earn credits, credentials, or their degree through work-based learning experiences we ensure they have the skills to fill the in-demand jobs of the future,” said Governor Polis.

  • HB24-1446 - Professional Development for Science Teachers, sponsored by Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Anthony Hartsook, and Senators Janet Buckner and Byron Pelton.  
  • SB24-014 - Seal of Climate Literacy Diploma Endorsement, sponsored by Senator Chris Hansen and Representative Barabara McLachlan.