Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law Making Two Years of College Free for More Families, Cutting Red Tape on Housing, and Helping Families Thrive

Thursday, May 30, 2024

DENVER - Today, Governor Polis signed bills into law during ceremonies across Westminster, Broomfield, Arvada, and Denver. New laws will expand higher educational opportunities and save students money, help create more housing now by cutting red tape, and give families the support they need to thrive. 

At a ceremony at Mountain Range High School in Westminster, Governor Polis signed HB24-1340 - Incentives for Post-Secondary Education, sponsored by Representatives Shannon Bird and Rick Taggart, and Senators Barbara Krikmeyer and Rachel Zenzinger. This bill creates the Colorado Promise: Two Free Years of College Expanded effort, which will make two years at a four-year public college, community or trade school free.

“Two years at any public four-year college, community college, or trade school are now free for more Coloradans! This will strengthen Colorado’s workforce, provide new pathways for students to gain in-demand skills, and save Coloradans thousands of dollars - helping ensure that higher education is affordable for everyone,” said Governor Polis. 

Governor Polis also signed HB24-1305 - Changes for Concurrent Enrollment Students, sponsored by Representatives William Lindstedt and Meghan Lukens, and Senators Mark Baisley and Dafna Michaelson Jenet. 

“In Colorado, we are investing in every level of education, from fully funding our schools for the first time since 2009 to helping more students pursue post-secondary education. Concurrent enrollment saves Coloradans time and money, rewards hard work, and helps give students the skills they need to fill in-demand jobs,” said Governor Polis.  

In Broomfield, Governor Polis signed the following bills into law to help cut government red tape and create more housing now:

  • HB24-1107 - Judicial Review of Local Land Use Decision, sponsored by Representatives William Lindstedt and Shannon Bird, and Senators Jeff Bridges and Faith Winter. 
  • HB24-1316 - Middle-Income Housing Tax Credit, sponsored by Representatives William Lindstedt and Mandy Lindsay, and Senator Jeff Bridges.
  • HB24-1175 - Local Governments Rights to Property for Affordable Housing, sponsored by Representatives Andy Boesenecker and Emily Sirota, and Senators Faith Winter and Sonya Jaquez Lewis.

“This year we delivered on our promises to cut red tape and remove artificial barriers to housing, making living in Colorado more affordable for all. These laws will reduce housing approval delays, create more housing Coloradans can afford, and give local governments additional tools to create more housing now,” said Governor Polis.

Then in Arvada at Avi at Olde Town, Governor Polis signed bills into law to help Colorado families thrive: 

SB24-008 - Kinship Foster Care Homes, sponsored by Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Barbara Kirkmeyer, and Representatives Rose Pugliese and Mary Young.

“We are making sure that all kids in Colorado have the support they need to succeed no matter where they grow up. This important legislation will provide kinship caregivers and youth the support they need,” said Governor Polis. 

  • HB24-1434 - Expand Affordable Housing Tax Credit, sponsored by Representatives Shannon Bird and Ron Weinberg, and Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Cleave Simpson.
  • SB24-174 - Sustainable Affordable Housing Assistance, sponsored by Senators Barbara Kirkmeyer and Rachel Zenzinger, and Representatives Shannon Bird and Rose Pugliese.

“Concern over skyrocketing housing costs is top of mind for all Coloradans. We made bold promises and are delivering real results to save Coloradans money. These laws will invest to help Colorado grow sustainably, boost the supply of housing Coloradans can afford, and make sure Colorado is planning for a more affordable and sustainable future,” said Governor Polis.

While at the 2024 Bureau of Animal Protection Conference Governor Polis signed HB24-1458 - Create Division of Animal Welfare in the Department of Agriculture, sponsored by Representatives Monica Duran and Ryan Amagost, and Senators Rachel Zenzinger and Dylan Roberts. By creating the Division of Animal Welfare at the Department of Agriculture, Governor Polis is reaffirming the state's commitment to ensuring the welfare of both domestic family pets and agricultural livestock.