Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law in Colorado Springs

Saturday, May 18, 2024

COLORADO SPRINGS - Today, Governor Polis signed the following bills into law in ceremonies in Colorado Springs.

  • HB24-1282 - Ninth-Grade Success Grant & Performance Reporting, sponsored by Representatives Matthew Martinez and Rose Pugliese, and Senators James Coleman and Cleave Simpson.
    • “This bill will help more students access the support and resources they need to succeed in high school and beyond. With this bill, Colorado continues investing in our students and educators and I thank the bipartisan sponsors for their work on this bill,” said Governor Jared Polis.
  • SB24-164 - Institution of Higher Education Transparency Requirements, sponsored by Senators Janet Buckner and Paul Lundeen, and Representatives Julie McCluskie and Rose Pugliese.
  • HB24-1076 - Purple Star School Program, sponsored by Representatives Bob Marshall and Mike Weissman, and Senators Rhonda Fields and Bob Gardner.
  • SB24-231 - Alcohol Beverage Liquor Advisory Group Recommendations, sponsored by Senators Robert Rodriguez and Bob Gardner, and Representatives Marc Snyder and Lisa Frizell.
  • HB24-1154 - Institute Charter Schools & Bond Indebtedness, sponsored by Representatives Ron Weinberg and Barbara McLachlan, and Senators Jeff Bridges and Paul Lundeen.