Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

Friday, May 17, 2024

WESTMINSTER - Today, Governor Polis signed bills into law that protect insects and pollinators and support conservation efforts across the state. 

This morning, Governor Polis signed:

  • HB24-1117 - Invertebrates & Rare Plants Parks & Wildlife Commission, sponsored by Representatives Karen McCormick and Matt Soper, and Senators Janice Marchman and Jeff Bridges.
  • SB24-199 - Annual Species Conservation Trust Fund Projects, sponsored by Senators Dylan Roberts and Perry Will, and Representatives Karen McCormick and Marc Catlin. 

“Conservation is important to the health of our environment and communities. Colorado’s renowned outdoor recreation and breathtaking natural beauty depend on the health of insects, pollinators, and other animals. Today, we are protecting and conserving the species that help make Colorado the beautiful state we all love,” said Governor Jared Polis. 

Later today, Governor Polis will travel to Boulder and Superior to sign the following bills into law. 

  • HB24-1235 - Reduce Aviation Impacts on Communities, sponsored by Representatives Kyle Brown and Shannon Bird, and Senators Steve Fenberg and Rachel Zenzinger. 
  • HB24-1011 - Mortgage Servicers Disburse Insurance Proceeds, sponsored by Representatives Kyle Brown and Judy Amabile, and Senators Lisa Cutter and Janice Marchman.
  • HB24-1449 - Environmental Sustainability Circular Economy, sponsored by Representatives Junie Joseph and Mandy Lindsay, and Senators Lisa Cutter and Kevin Priola.
  • SB24-214 - Implement State Climate Goals, sponsored by Senators Chris Hansen and Lisa Cutter, and Representatives Judy Amabile and Karen McCormick.

Governor Polis provided the following statement regarding HB24-1449 and SB24-214.

“Colorado is committed to creating a more sustainable future and these bills provide the state and our communities with the tools and resources they need to live more sustainably,” said Governor Polis.