Governor Polis Releases Bold Vision for Housing and Transit in Colorado

Thursday, December 7, 2023


Roadmap Details Important Steps to Create More Housing Now, Expand Transit Options, Save Coloradans Money and Protect our Open spaces


LAKEWOOD - Today, at Lamar Station in Lakewood, Governor Polis released the Roadmap to a Future Colorado 2026, detailing practical steps to create more housing that Coloradans can afford, expand transit options, protect Colorado’s precious resources like water and public land and improve air quality. 


“We have an opportunity to create a more affordable and livable Colorado for everyone when our state turns 150 in 2026. Coloradans around the state are calling for reduced housing costs and better transit options, and this roadmap details common sense actions we can take to deliver the results Coloradans deserve, while protecting our environment and the resources we rely on,” Governor Polis said. 


The comprehensive roadmap outlines six key areas of effort: 


  • Saving People Money on Housing and Increasing Supply
  • Streamlining Processes to Save Everyone Time and Money
  • Increasing Access to Trains, Buses and Bikes and Saving Money and Time on Your Commute
  • Strategic Planning that Improves Air Quality and Reduces Traffic
  • Enhancing our Colorado Way of Life: Water, Open Spaces, and Thriving Neighborhoods
  • Supporting Local Businesses, Creatives, and Community Revitalization


Earlier this fall, Governor Polis, his cabinet, and staff traveled the state listening to Coloradans about what they love about Colorado, the challenges Coloradans and Colorado communities are facing, and what changes they want to see when Colorado turns 150. Across the state the Governor heard the same thing — Coloradans believe in a Colorado for all. Informed by his conversations across the state, this roadmap outlines the Polis administration's ambitious vision for 2026 — a vision of a Colorado that is livable, sustainable and affordable. 


Housing, transit and affordability are all linked together and Colorado needs to make progress on them together to meet our ambitious goals, make Colorado more affordable and livable, including making progress towards our climate goals. This roadmap builds on the administration’s work to create more housing, strengthen Colorado’s transit system, and reach 100% renewable energy by 2040. 

“I’m retired and enjoying it but what I don’t enjoy is traffic. By living near light rail, I can get to where I want to go quicker and have more time to do what I want to do rather than sit in traffic on the way,” said Darrel Bell, a resident of Lamar Station Crossing. “I’m delighted to hear that — housing, transportation, sustainability — are priorities for our Governor and he is working to make life more enjoyable and affordable for everyone.”


“Access to affordable and efficient transportation like a train or bus that arrives on time or the route goes closer to where you work is a priority for our restaurant community, these options will definitely increase the life quality of our employees,” said Ventura Morales, CEO and Branch General Manager of Tres Margaritas Family Mexican. “I am excited to see the Governor and his team stepping up to take on these challenges facing hardworking people in Colorado and small businesses like Tres Margaritas.”


“Governor Polis’s ‘Roadmap to Colorado's Future: 2026’ is all about channeling Colorado's spirit into tangible action. It's rooted in our pioneering ethos, driven by evidence-backed strategies. This roadmap isn't just about bricks and sticks; it's a blueprint for a Colorado where everyone not only has a home but thrives. It's about better air, less traffic, support for our local businesses, preserving water, and yes building and then keeping the doors to Colorado open for all. It's exciting to envision a future that truly embodies the heart and soul of our remarkable state,” said Peter LiFari, Executive Director of Maiker Housing Partners. 


“Lamar Station Crossing, the first affordable Transit Oriented Development residential project on the W Commuter Rail Line, opened in 2014 and is credited with helping to catalyze the start of the West Colfax renaissance. Its construction and opening led directly to several new developments moving forward,” said Tami Fischer, CEO of Metro West Housing Solutions, who hosted the release today. “We are grateful to Governor Polis for his commitment to funding and building more affordable housing, to the importance of TODs and to ensuring these projects are sustainable long into the future.”

Governor Polis was joined by members of his cabinet for today’s major announcement. 


Housing is a key component of this roadmap and a top priority for the Governor. The Governor is focused on creating more housing options for Coloradans of all budgets and the Department of Local Affairs plays an important role in supporting housing access and new projects around the state. 


“Having a safe home in a community you love is every Coloradan’s dream, and the vision laid out in this roadmap can help make that a reality for so many people in our state. Creating more housing and focusing on strategic growth in Colorado is good for our communities and our entire state,” said Maria De Cambra, Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs. 


The Department of Transportation continues pursuing bold goals around improving Colorado’s roadways and expanding access to transit for Coloradans. 


“By pairing an active transportation and transit network with more housing that Coloradans can afford, we can create  better options and quality of life for Coloradans. This focus on housing complements the Administration’s work to improve multimodal transportation and strengthen communities across the state.,” said Shoshana Lew, Executive Director of the Department of Transportation.


Colorado has one of the strongest economies in the country and the Office of Economic Development and International Affairs is focused on continuing to support Colorado businesses, including strengthening Colorado’s workforce and expanding housing and transit. 

“Colorado’s economic success is directly tied to the availability of housing that’s affordable for Coloradans. Creating more housing in communities across our state means we can create more economic opportunities, help our businesses better recruit for available jobs and ensure Colorado’s future success,” said Eve Lieberman, Executive Director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. 


The Colorado Energy Office has helped Colorado achieve bold climate goals that improve air quality and protect our resources, and that will continue to be true as Colorado works to implement the roadmap. “Colorado’s bold climate goals are matched by our bold vision for housing. A strategic approach to housing, transit, and growth will improve our air, reduce traffic and help us reach our climate goals,” said Will Toor, Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Office. 


The roadmap also prioritizes the protection of Colorado’s lands, emphasizing smart planning and growth that supports Colorado’s natural beauty and wildlife. “We know that as Colorado continues growing we must be strategic and that means growing in a way that protects our wild, open spaces for generations to come,” said Dan Gibbs, Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources.