Governor Polis Leads Delegation for Biennial of the Americas Summit, Promotes Colorado’s Leadership in Agriculture, Geothermal Energy, and Small Business Growth

Monday, April 22, 2024

Governor Polis to discuss shared economic industries, cultural partnerships, and collective goals

DENVER - To promote Colorado’s agriculture, geothermal, and small business sectors, Governor Polis is joining a delegation of Colorado leaders this week as part of the Biennial of the Americas Summit. At the summit, the Governor will meet with local leaders to strengthen the economic and cultural connections between Colorado and Costa Rica while participating in the Biennial of the Americas Summit, to bolster Colorado’s international partnerships.

“Colorado and Costa Rica have a lot in common, from our thriving agricultural industry to our strong businesses. This summit is an opportunity to continue building on our economic and cultural partnership. We are proud to showcase all that Colorado has to offer and learn from our counterparts in Costa Rica, and we will bring those benefits back to Colorado’s communities,” said Governor Polis. “Costa Rica is powered by over 95% renewable energy, and as we look towards Colorado's future for lower cost and more reliable renewable energy, we have a lot to learn from Costa Rica’s experiences.”

Governor Polis will meet with agricultural import and export leaders to discuss and strengthen Colorado and Costa Rica’s trade partnership. The Governor will also hold a roundtable with geothermal energy sector experts to discuss the importance of expanding clean energy technology. While serving as Chair of the Western Governors Association, Governor Polis led the Heat Beneath Our Feet initiative to expand the development and use of geothermal energy while removing barriers to access this innovative technology. 

Additionally, the Governor will speak to multiple small business owners to discuss Colorado’s small business start-up environment, promoting Colorado’s strong economic industries while learning from Costa Rica’s successes. Costa Rica’s global leadership in eco-tourism and strong renewable energy sector provides the opportunity to learn, exchange ideas, and build on shared goals.   

"As our delegation of Colorado leaders convene for the 2024 Americas Summit in Costa Rica, we embark on a journey of collaboration and inspiration, uniting diverse voices from across the Americas to explore solutions for our shared challenges and embrace new opportunities for growth. Together, with representatives from various industries, academia, and civic leadership, we aim to foster dialogue, inspire innovation, and build lasting partnerships that transcend borders and push our region forward," said Biennial of the Americas Executive Director FloraJane DiRienzo. 

Colorado and Costa Rica remain strong trading partners, importing and exporting nearly $58 million dollars of goods in 2023. From medical and surgical equipment to industrial machinery and computers, the trade partnership supports local Colorado and Costa Rican businesses and strengthens the state’s economy. 

In April 2023, Colorado was proud to host the first Cities Summit of the Americas in partnership with the Biennial of the Americas. This summit promoted regional cooperation and hosted leaders from around the world, including governments, nonprofits, businesses, and more. In April 2022, Governor Polis led a delegation to Mexico City, highlighting Colorado and Mexico’s strong trade partnerships and private sector connections. 

Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera will serve as acting Governor until Governor Polis returns.