Gov. Polis Urges Hotel and Motel Owners to Provide Rooms for State’s Most Vulnerable

Monday, April 13, 2020

DENVER - Today Gov. Polis sent a letter encouraging hotel and motel owners and operators to rise to the challenge in addressing COVID-19 by entering agreements to temporarily house homeless Coloradans, along with some of the state’s most vulnerable. The need for non-congregate rooms is urgent as there is a real potential for currently sheltered people to be forced into large scale, dangerous facilities or back onto the streets. The letter encourages hotel and motel owners to work with their local leaders to find innovative solutions on this vital effort. Read the letter here

The Governor also sent a letter in response to the General Assembly, Denver City Council and RTD Board, saying that he will mobilize 250 Colorado National Guard (CONG) members to support existing shelters in the City and County of Denver with staffing shortages for those who are experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 pandemic. The state will also be providing planners from the CONG to support local emergency operation centers and help stand up an expansion of capacity through new shelters through the use of recreation centers, hotels, or motels, if requested. The CONG will also help increase hospital capacity for those who need medical care and ensure those experiencing homelessness have access to those resources. Read the letter here.