Gov. Polis Takes Further Action to Address COVID-19

Thursday, March 26, 2020

DENVER - Gov. Polis announced Executive Orders taking further action to protect public health and safety. 

“We will continue taking the bold steps necessary to limit the spread of this virus including those to increase convenience for Coloradans staying at home. These new actions will ensure Coloradans can have their licenses renewed without having to go in person. We also took actions to protect our prison guards and facilities today. For now, people need to stay at home whenever possible to save lives,” said Governor Polis. 

The Governor signed an Executive Order authorizing certain State agencies to promulgate and issue emergency rules extending the expiration date for certain licenses and other documents to limit in-person renewals and enable state agencies to better respond to COVID-19. This includes state park passes, and licenses for health care facilities, Medicaid and CHIP providers, commercial drivers, and more. Read the full Executive Order here

In addition, he signed an Executive Order updating protocol for state prisons and community corrections facilities. The Executive Order provides flexibility to DOC facilities and suspends certain requirements in order to protect the health and safety for Coloradans. Read the full Executive Order here