Gov. Polis statement on Trump proposal limiting refugees admitted to U.S.

Thursday, September 26, 2019

DENVER - Gov. Polis released the following statement on the Trump administration’s proposal to limit the number of refugees admitted to the U.S.:

“Colorado has shown the world time and time again that we have the courage to lead in a better direction. Religious and cultural persecution, political instability, climate change, famine, and war continue to displace millions of people from their home countries. We can protect safety and security while ensuring that those seeking safe refuge in new places with little more than the clothes on their backs are welcomed. Most refugees who arrive are part of families eager to rebuild their lives with the opportunity granted to them through the resettlement program. Investing in refugees is not only the compassionate and humane thing to do, but refugees contribute to our economy in ways that benefit all Coloradans. Our country is at its worst when we close ourselves off from the world. We are at our best when we open our minds, open our doors, open our communities, and demonstrate our compassion.”

Earlier this year, Gov. Polis signed SB19-230 which codified the Colorado Refugee Services Program into law.