Gov. Polis Signs Executive Order, HB20-1359 Giving Political Parties Flexibility on Assemblies and Conventions

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

DENVER - Governor Polis signed an executive order and House Bill 20-1359 (HB20-1359) administratively, allowing Colorado’s political parties to amend certain rules and procedures governing the conduct of their assemblies and conventions and to limit in-person contact during nominating assemblies and conventions. 

“During this challenging time, we must continue to work together to ensure Coloradans have every opportunity to participate in the democratic process,” said Governor Jared Polis. “I thank the state legislature and leadership for their work to quickly send this bipartisan bill to my desk.”

In particular, the bill, which operates in conjunction with the executive order, allows for the parties to provide for remote participation in nominating assemblies and conventions. It also allows delegates to vote by email, mail, telephone or app, allows an individual who is physically present to carry up to five proxies, and allows the party to reduce the number of participants required for quorum. The executive order directs the Secretary of State to issue emergency rules to allow eligible voters to safely participate in the primary election.

This legislature introduced and passed the bill — sponsored by Majority Leader Alec Garnett and Minority Leader Patrick Neville in the House, and Majority Leader Steve Fenberg and Minority Leader Chris Holbert in the Senate — at the request of the parties in advance of going into recess. 

Read the executive order here and the bill here.