DENVER — Friday, March 8, 2019 — Gov. Jared Polis signed these bills into law yesterday.






Rights Of Persons Office Respondent Parents’ Counsel

Rep. Ransom/ Sen. Lee

Concerning the rights of persons represented by an attorney through the office of the respondent parents' counsel.


Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Air Quality Control

Sen. Zenzinger/ Rep. McKean

Concerning the repeal of obsolete provisions regarding air quality control, and, in connection therewith, eliminating the requirement that the state board of health supervise certain air quality control programs and removing statutory provisions relating to the air pollution variance board and the air quality hearings board.


Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Water Quality Control

Rep. McKean/ Sen. Zenzinger

Concerning the manner in which watercourses of the district are used for waste disposal.


Repeal Board Of Health Authority Over Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment Funds

Sen. Moreno,/ Reps. Esgar & McKean

Concerning clarification that the state board of health has no authority over money allocated to the department of public health and environment.


Counting Special Education In Graduation Rate

Reps. Buentello & Kipp/Sen. Foote

Concerning counting a student who is enrolled in special education services in the graduation rate in the school year in which the student completes the minimum graduation requirements.


Deeds To Convey Real Property

Rep. Gray/ Sen. Lee

Concerning deeds for the conveyance of real property, and, in connection therewith, establishing requirements for title insurance entities that prepare deeds and establishing forms for the preparation of deeds in certain circumstances.


Include Career And Technical Education In Building Excellent Schools Today Program

Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Larson & Lundeen/ Sen. Todd

Concerning the provision of grants for career and technical education capital construction through the "Building Excellent Schools Today Act".


Grand Junction Regional Center Campus

Rep. Rich/ Sens. Scott &  Zenzinger

Concerning the Grand Junction regional center campus.


Colorado Department of Public Health And Environment Emergency Epidemic Preparedness

Sen. Zenzinger/ Rep. Arndt

Concerning eliminating the authority of the state board of health to adopt rules establishing standards to ensure that certain entities are prepared for an emergency epidemic.


Department Of Natural Resources Language Update

Sen. Tate/ Rep. Arndt

Concerning an update to statutory language authorizing the department of natural resources to receive donations to be credited to the Colorado natural resources foundation fund.


Convalescent Centers As Pharmacies

Reps. Hooton & Larson/ Sens. Pettersen & Tate

Concerning an addition to the definition of "other outlet" to enable a licensed convalescent center to operate a pharmacy for the benefit of patients being treated in the convalescent center.


Encourage Use Of Xeriscape In Common Areas

Rep. Titione /  Sens. Priola & Winter

Concerning the promotion of water-efficient landscaping on property subject to management by local supervisory entities.


Interdistrict Transportation Of Students

Sen. Zenzinger/ Rep. Jenet

Concerning allowing interdistrict transportation of students only by adjacent school districts subject to the school districts' mutual consent.