Gov. Polis Sends Letter to CDC, Requests Assistance for Flu Season and Emphasizes Importance of Getting Vaccinated

Monday, June 8, 2020

DENVER – Gov. Polis today sent a letter to the Director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention requesting assistance in ensuring Colorado is prepared to respond during flu season, and can prevent the combined impact of flu and COVID-19 from overwhelming the health care system. 

“One of the most significant threats to our continued progress is flu season.  My administration has been working diligently to increase our vaccination rates. But we need to do even more this coming flu season especially among older Coloradans and our vulnerable residents, to reduce the number of flu victims in need of hospitalization and free up those beds for COVID patients if needed. This is where we need your help,” the letter reads. 

“Flu season is going to tax our PPE supplies as those giving vaccinations are going to need medical grade masks, perhaps shields and gloves to ensure they are protected from COVID-19. While we have much better access to PPE than we did, we are going to need help obtaining more,” the letter continues. 

Read the Governor’s letter