Gov. Polis Marks First Six Months in Office, Bold Accomplishments

Monday, July 8, 2019

DENVER - Today the Polis administration marked six months in office and the administration’s record of bold, bipartisan accomplishments. Since being sworn-in on January 8, Governor Jared Polis has worked with legislators on both sides of the aisle and members of the administration to lower the rising cost of living and expand opportunity for all by providing free full-day kindergarten, tackling the rising cost of health care, and putting Colorado on a path to a 100 percent renewable energy future by 2040.

“Since my first day in office, we have been focused on saving Coloradans money. I am proud of the progress we have made towards that goal in just the first six months in office,” said Governor Jared Polis. “By working with legislators on both sides of the aisle to provide free full-day kindergarten, lower health care costs, cut taxes for small businesses, and pass historic renewable energy legislation that will save businesses and families money on electricity we are creating a Colorado for all where everyone has the opportunity to enjoy a good life. I look forward to the work ahead.”

Early Childhood Education

  • Passed free full-day kindergarten that will be offered to kids starting in the Fall of 2019 

  • Opened up 5,100 slots for free early preschool as a result of the state’s historic investment in early childhood education 

  • Parents will save money on tuition or child care and have more income in their budgets for other necessities

  • Full-day kindergarten will free up funding for rural districts to hire more educators and increase educator pay

  • Higher student achievement will produce greater economic gains and save taxpayers money in the long run



  • Created the Office of Saving People Money on Health Care to coordinate the Governor’s bold agenda of making health care affordable for all Coloradans

  • Unveiled the Polis-Primavera Roadmap to Saving Coloradans Money on Health Care 

  • Passed bipartisan legislation creating a reinsurance program that will lower premiums in the individual insurance market by an expected average of 17 percent, with the greatest savings going to those individuals in the highest-cost areas of the state

  • Ended the pernicious practice of out-of-network or “surprise” billing

  • Created a framework for prescription drug importation from Canada

  • Capped the cost of insulin at $100 out of pocket per month

  • Improved hospital transparency

  • Supported the development of a state-backed health insurance product and cooperatives like the Peak Health Alliance in Summit County which will save people money on premiums in the individual and small group insurance markets

  • Increased investments in primary care, to help prevent, not just treat, disease

  • Directed the Colorado Department of Human Services to establish Behavioral Health Task Force which is charged with developing a Behavioral Health Blueprint by June 2020


Renewable Energy & Climate Action 

  • Released the Roadmap to 100 percent Renewable Energy and Bold Climate Action

  • Empowered the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) to facilitate a rapid transition to renewable energy across the state, including working with our largest utility to invest in renewables and meet a goal of reducing greenhouse gas pollution 80 percent by 2030

  • Expanded access to energy efficiency and community solar gardens

  • Signed an executive order putting Colorado on a path toward putting more zero emission vehicles on Colorado’s roads 

  • Reformed the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to improve the health and safety of Coloradans and give local communities a seat at the table in decisions about oil and gas drilling in their neighborhoods

  • Established the Just Transition Office to deliver concrete plans for programming and funding for those communities and workers most impacted by the transition away from coal-fired electricity 

  • Allocated approximately $14 million to transit agencies across the state to deploy cleaner buses

  • Launched a $12 million Renewable/Clean Energy Challenge grant program, to support local efforts in reaching Colorado’s 2040 100 percent renewable energy goal 


Tax Reform & Economic Development

  • Reformed Colorado’s vendor fee, leveling the playing field and giving relief to 144,000 businesses, including every small business in Colorado, while providing historic funding for affordable housing 

  • Issued an executive order establishing the Commission on Employee Ownership

  • Signed a budget that includes more than $800 million in new state funding for transportation 

  • Department of Transportation launched statewide, strategic listening tour giving Coloradans the chance to weigh in on how transportation funds are utilized

  • Invested general fund dollars into the Colorado Water Plan to deal with water scarcity for the first time 


The Governor recently announced the Governor’s Dashboard, a tool that provides transparency and accountability on key goals set by the administration to move Colorado forward. The Dashboard will provide a summary of progress on goals set around the Governor’s Bold Four initiatives, as well as other high-priority areas. The administration will continue to build on the progress of the past six months, implement new laws and continue working to problem-solve for hardworking Coloradans.