Gov. Polis, House and Senate leadership celebrate the 2019 legislative session where they delivered real results for Colorado families

Monday, May 6, 2019

DENVER — Governor Polis, Senate President Leroy Garcia, Speaker KC Becker and a number of stakeholders gathered together to celebrate the accomplishments of the 2019 legislative session.

“This session was truly incredible for the people of Colorado,” said Governor Jared Polis. “We took significant steps toward lowering health care costs for Coloradans, improving our education system including saving families money on kindergarten, and protecting our Colorado way of life. I’m proud to say that through collaboration and dedication, we are delivering real results for all Coloradans. I look forward to implementing this legislation and continue working to make our state a place where everyone can thrive.”

Education - Investing in Colorado’s Future

  • Free, Full-Day Kindergarten will be available for families by Fall of 2019.

  • There will be an additional 5,100 preschool slots, the biggest expansion of early childhood in the state’s history.

  • Public colleges and universities will keep tuition flat for the coming year.  

  • The 9th Grade success program will help improve high school graduation rates.

  • There will be a $2.3 million investment in concurrent enrollment, allowing more high school students to earn college credit.


Health Care - Lowering Costs for Coloradans

  • Establish a reinsurance pool to reduce premiums

  • Increase hospital price transparency

  • Negotiate to drive down the cost of health insurance

  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs

  • Reduce out-of-pocket costs

  • New investments in primary care, mental health and substance abuse


Boldly Forward - Protecting our Colorado Way of Life

  • Equal Pay for Equal Work

  • Bold Climate Action and Pathway to 100 percent Renewable Energy

  • Investments in Affordable Housing

  • 35 percent increase in Transportation funding