Gov. Polis, COVID Relief Fund Announce 3rd Round of Grantees

Monday, May 18, 2020

DENVER — Gov. Polis and the Colorado COVID Relief Fund today announced the third round of grants given to Colorado organizations working with those who have been impacted by the coronavirus. 

“We’re excited to announce this new round of grants to help those impacted by COVID-19,” said Governor Jared Polis. “We know this is a difficult time for many Coloradans and these organizations are on the ground, working in their communities to provide support. It’s times like these when we see the best in each other, when we lend a helping hand to one another. We want to thank everyone who has donated their money and time to help provide relief to Coloradans across our state.”

Through three rounds, the Fund received 2,451 applications for a total request of $54.2 million. 505 organizations have received grants for a total of $11.1 million. Grants have been disbursed to organizations located in 56 counties in Colorado that are serving all 64 counties.

Funds for deadline four (Saturday, May 16 at 7 p.m. MT) will be distributed in the Impact and Recovery priority categories. Funds for deadline four are intended for community-based organizations mitigating impact and preparing for recovery.

To see the full list of grantees in Cycle 3, click here. To see the full list of applicants Cycles 1-3, click here. For the donor list, click here

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