Gov. Polis Signs Bipartisan Bills into Law to Cut Red Tape, Support Colorado’s Teachers & National Guard Servicemembers

Friday, March 10, 2023

DENVER — Today, Governor Polis signed bipartisan legislation into law to support Colorado's national guard servicemembers, cut red tape, and reduce interstate barriers to strengthen Colorado’s workforce. Enacting the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact makes it easier for people, including eligible military spouses, to transfer their certificates when moving to Colorado. This added flexibility is the latest in a series of steps the Polis administration in partnership with the legislature has taken to advocate for Colorado as the best and rightful home for Space Command which the Governor, Lt. Governor, and local leaders pushed for this week in a letter to the President. 

Governor Polis signed the following bills into law in ceremony:

  • HB23-1034 Measures To Expand Postconviction DNA Testing - Representatives Lindsey Daugherty & Matt Soper, Senators Julie Gonzales & Cleave Simpson

  • HB23-1053 Veterans' Cemetery Department of Public Safety Gifts Grants Donations - Representatives Anthony Hartsook & David Ortiz, Senators Rachel Zenzinger & Janice Rich

  • HB23-1045 Employee Leave For Colorado National Guard Service - Representative Gabe Evans, Senators Byron Pelton & Nick Hinrichsen

  • HB23-1064 Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact - Representatives Meghan Lukens & Mary Young, Senators Janice Marchman & Chris Kolker

Governor Polis also signed the following bills into law administratively:

  • SB23-010 Water Resources And Agriculture Review Committee - Representative Barbara McLachlan, Senators Jeff Bridges & Cleave Simpson

  • SB23-040 Staffing Agency CAPS Checks - Representative Mary Young, Senator Rhonda Fields