Governor Polis Urges IRS to Avoid Taxing Money Rightfully Owed to Coloradans

Friday, February 10, 2023

DENVER - This afternoon, Governor Polis spoke with the acting commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Douglas O’Donnell. Last year, Governor Polis, in partnership with the legislature, overwhelmingly passed bipartisan legislation this year to provide immediate relief to Coloradans through the form of an expedited TABOR refund. Governor Polis reminded the federal government that these funds are non-taxable.

“I reminded the IRS commissioner that this is not taxable, it is money rightfully owed to Coloradans and there are years of precedent on our side. Taxing these funds would hurt millions of Coloradans who deserve to save more money to help pay for groceries and everyday items. Our administration is ready to take any steps necessary to help keep people’s money in their hands,” said Governor Polis. 

If the federal government and the IRS attempt to tax these refunds rightfully owed to Coloradans could result in over $400 million and roughly $100 per individual being drained from the budgets of hardworking people. 

Today, Colorado’s federal delegation sent a bipartisan letter to the IRS urging them to treat TABOR payments as non-taxable income and the Governor welcomes that effort as well as Senator Bennet’s calls to the IRS urging them to reconsider.