Gov. Polis Renews Executive Action Related to Fuel Supply

Monday, January 30, 2023

DENVER - Governor Polis renewed an Executive Order due to ongoing fuel supply chain risk, and activated the State Emergency Operations Plan.

“I have contacted refineries and fuel transportation companies in other parts of the country to minimize any disruption and to maximize distribution of fuel to Coloradans,” the Governor’s Executive Order reads. 

“My administration is pursuing every avenue to mitigate the impacts of Suncor’s temporary shutdown, including temporarily suspending statute and making temporary regulatory exemptions to facilitate the expeditious delivery of fuel around the State. State agencies are proactively reviewing additional tools available to ensure that adequate fuel supply can reach distributors throughout the State,” the Governor’s Executive Order continues. 

The Governor took swift action in December, verbally declaring a disaster emergency due to fuel supply chain risk and last week the Governor issued an Executive Order memorializing that declaration.