Governor Polis Applauds National Monument Designation of Camp Hale and Tenmile Range & Urges President to Help Save People Money

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

EAGLE COUNTYToday, Governor Polis joined the President as he designated Camp Hale and the Tenmile Range as a national monument under the Antiquities Act. This new national designation, Camp Hale - Continental Divide National Monument, will ensure this important historical site and the surrounding public lands are protected and preserved for generations to come. This designation ensures key components of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Economy Act (CORE) which Governor Polis introduced while serving in Congress in 2010 are protected.

This August, Governor Polis, Senator Bennet, Senator Hickenlooper, and Congressman Neguse,  wrote President Biden a letter, calling for Camp Hale and the surrounding public lands to be protected under the Antiquities Act.

“Protecting the hallowed training ground and birthplace of the 10th Mountain Division celebrates Colorado’s contributions to the war effort and the proud service of our ski troopers. Veterans of the 10th Mountain Division helped found our modern ski industry leading to Colorado’s rise as a world-class ski and outdoor recreation community,” said Governor Polis. “As a long-time supporter of honoring our veterans and preserving these lands, I know firsthand that there is significant and strong local support for this designation to preserve our public lands so I applaud President Biden for taking this action. This is a big win for Colorado public lands, and outdoor recreation and ensures the important history of Camp Hale and the 10th Mountain Division will be honored for future generations.”

Camp Hale was a military training site established in 1942 where the 10th Mountain Division trained in preparation for World War II. The unique infantry developed skills like skiing, snowshoeing, and climbing and prepared for harsh winter conditions prior to their deployment to Europe. The land is now used for education on the history of Camp Hale and for outdoor recreation activities like camping, fishing, and bike paths. Many veterans, their families, and other stakeholders called for this historical site to be protected and for the service of the 10th Mountain Division to be honored. 

Governor Polis also spoke to President Biden about the urgent need to save people money.

“I thanked the President for coming to Colorado for protecting this important military heritage site at Camp Hale, told him I wanted to work with him to avoid any increases on gas prices for Coloradans, and thanked him for pardoning Americans with past pot convictions as we have done in Colorado to help open doors for people,” said Gov. Polis.

Last month, in an effort to protect the air Coloradans breathe, save people money, and avoid rolling back progress made on clean air and climate change initiatives enacted by his administration, Gov. Polis urged the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to reconsider their antiquated and inefficient reformulated gasoline requirement for the Denver Metro/North Front Range, outlined comprehensive alternatives and expressed his opposition to this notion, and asserted pursuit of all legal strategies to avoid the requirement.