Gov. Polis Takes Action to Defend Individual Freedoms and Rights

Thursday, July 14, 2022

DENVER -  Governor Polis took action today to protect the individual freedom and rights of Coloradans. Gov. Polis signed an Executive Order to ensure that no Coloradan is subject to penalization for the possession, cultivation, or use of marijuana as this substance is legal in Colorado as a result of Amendment 64. 

“The exclusion of people from the workforce because of marijuana-related activities that are lawful in Colorado, but still criminally penalized in other states, hinders our residents, economy and our State. No one who lawfully consumes, possesses, cultivates or processes marijuana pursuant to Colorado law should be subject to professional sanctions or denied a professional license in Colorado. This includes individuals who consume, possess, cultivate or process marijuana in another state in a manner that would be legal under Colorado law,” said Gov. Polis. 

The Executive Order directs the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) and the Colorado Department of Revenue’s Specialized Business Group and Marijuana Enforcement Division (DOR) to: (1) protect Colorado’s workforce by ensuring Coloradans’ professions are not in jeopardy as a result of lawful marijuana-related conduct; and (2) not provide information, data or use resources to aid in professional investigations related to legal marijuana-related activities in Colorado.