Governor Polis Meets with President Biden, Democratic Governors about Protecting  Reproductive Freedom

Friday, July 1, 2022

DENVER - Colorado Governor Jared Polis met with President Joe Biden and Democratic governors from across the country about the U.S. Supreme Court’s alarming decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, and discussed ways to prevent criminal prosecution of women and doctors  and protect the personal freedoms and privacy of Americans.  

Governor Polis congratulated President Biden on his progress with NATO to strengthen America’s standing internationally and then expressed his dismay with the U.S. Supreme Court’s alarming decision that is undercutting America's moral standing and is a threat to personal freedom and privacy.

“No one has the right to interfere with our personal freedoms and privacy but that is what the Supreme Court has done. Which is why Americans need Congress to pass laws to ensure that the right to end a pregnancy, same sex marriage, legal access to contraception,  and interracial marriage are protected,” said Gov. Polis. “I urge the President to take whatever executive action he can to protect the reproductive rights of Americans. But ultimately, Americans should not be satisfied with a distorted federation of rights  — we need to protect our basic freedom in every corner of America or we will be nothing more than a third world country that treats women as second class citizens.  Americans overwhelmingly believe in the protection of individual freedom and our brightest days are ahead.” 

This April, Governor Polis signed a new Colorado law, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, which codifies protections to ensure that abortion, contraception, medically assisted reproduction, and choice remain legal in Colorado.