Gov. Polis Announces 100 Ways the Polis Administration is Saving Coloradans Money Upon Conclusion of Bill Signing Tour that Focused on Saving People Money, Ensuring a Cleaner, Healthier and Safer Colorado and Historic Investments in Universal Preschool

Thursday, June 9, 2022

DENVER - In his 2022 State of the State Address, Gov. Polis challenged the legislature to find 50 ways to save people money. Today upon the conclusion of a historic bill signing tour where the Governor criss-crossed the state to sign bills to save people money, Governor Jared Polis announced that we have exceeded his initial goal and are moving forward with 100 ways to save you money that he has delivered on during his term, honoring his commitment to Coloradans.  

“As I said at the start of the year: I will work tirelessly to make sure you can hold on to more of your hard-earned money, and we have made some great progress by passing 100 ways to save you money,” said Gov. Polis. “We are not stopping here and I have lots of additional ideas to save people even more money in the future!”

  1. We are sending Coloradans at least $500 for individual filers and $1000 for joint filers in tax rebates owed to them to provide immediate relief. The amount will be finalized by the end of June.
  2. We are saving Coloradans $900 million through property tax relief for homeowners between 2022-2024 by reducing assessment rates and giving every homeowner a $15k exemption, saving a $500k homeowner $474 on average over three years.
  3. We are reducing the assessment rate for businesses for the first time in 40 years and giving every business a $30k exemption, giving $200 million in property tax relief for businesses between 2023-2024. A business owner with property worth $500k saves $1,200 on average. 
  4. We provided $25 million in property tax relief for farmers, ranchers, and properties used for renewable energy production.
  5. We are making it nearly free to register to start a business to reduce costs for entrepreneurs.
  6. Beginning in 2024, health insurers will be required to use prescription drug discounts and rebates to reduce costs for consumers and employers, saving people money on healthcare. 
  7. We are avoiding a scheduled increase in drivers license fees.
  8. We are reducing professional licensing costs for healthcare workers, including nurses.
  9. We ended the “tampon and diaper tax” by permanently exempting these items from state sales tax.
  10. We created an income tax credit for early childhood educators that will provide them up to $1,500 extra income each year and reduce child care costs for the rest of us.
  11. We created a $24 million per year income tax credit for employers who provide Ecopass, rideshare, or alternative transportation options to save their employees gas money.
  12. We expanded the Rural Jump Start Program, which provides grants and tax relief for new businesses who move into rural or economically distressed areas and hire new employees.
  13. We increased the size of our conservation easement tax credit program, which will result in more critical lands conserved and more income for farmers and ranchers.
  14. We reduced penalties for late fuel tax filing.
  15. Caterers, food service contractors, and hotel bars/restaurants were allowed to keep three months of state sales tax collections during the pandemic, and will receive three months more relief this summer saving up to $2,000/month per location.
  16. We reduced health care premiums in the individual market by 24% through the bipartisan state reinsurance program.
  17. We exempted most small businesses from the business personal property tax.
  18. We capped the growth in homeowner’s property tax bills, allowing homeowners to defer paying increases over the cap.
  19. We exempted child care centers and many mobile homes from property tax, and expanded a property tax exemption for affordable housing developments.
  20. We gave property owners more time to file an assessment appeal, and capped how much the Board of Assessment Appeals can increase property valuations.
  21. We provided owners of rent-producing commercial properties a fast-track property tax appeals process.
  22. We allowed businesses to claim expanded business loss deductions.
  23. All children can now attend full-day kindergarten for free so families no longer need to pay for a full day, saving parents hundreds of dollars each month.
  24. All four-year-olds will be able to attend preschool for free in Fall of 2023, saving families an average of $4,300.
  25. Small and mid-size stores are now allowed to keep a higher percentage of their sales tax collections through a larger vendor fee, and for 2023 we’ve increased it even more for small retailers.
  26. We authorized county commissioners to waive delinquent property tax penalties during the pandemic.
  27. We funded the Colorado Child Tax Credit for the first time, supplementing the federal credit and boosting the income of Colorado families beginning next tax season by up to $1,200 per child. 
  28. We doubled the state Earned Income Tax Credit, supplementing wages for workers so that an eligible single filer with one child can now receive $150, over $300 next year, and over $380 by 2024; and eligible joint filers with three or more children can now receive $673, over $1,350 next year, and over $1,700 by 2024.
  29. We exempted seniors’ social security earnings from the state income tax.
  30. Voter approved reductions to the Colorado income tax rate saves money for all families and businesses and the rate will be reduced again this year. The tax cut is fully paid for by eliminating loopholes and deductions ensuring funding for education and health services are not cut.
  31. We cut the cost of a state parks pass by more than half through the Keep Colorado Wild Pass starting in 2023.
  32. We’ve added more days for people to use state parks for free.
  33. We capped co-pays for insulin to $100/month.
  34. We created the Insulin Affordability Program that allows people who aren’t covered by the $100 cap to get an emergency 30-day supply of insulin each year for $35.
  35. We created the Prescription Drug Affordability Board, which will lower prescription drug costs for Colorado consumers.
  36. We reduced vehicle registration fees.
  37. We delayed transportation fees to lower the price of gas at the pump and called on the federal government to suspend the federal gas tax.
  38. We are providing stipends for teacher residencies and educator licensure exams, cutting the costs to become an educator in Colorado.
  39. We are expanding the availability of free tax preparation services for low- and middle-income families to help them claim tax refunds, including the Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit.
  40. We reduced conversion costs for businesses that convert to employee-ownership with a refundable income tax credit of up to $100,000 per conversion.
  41. We’ve reduced unemployment insurance premiums, which will allow businesses to hire more employees and increase wage growth. 
  42. We increased the monthly amount for supplemental nutrition assistance.
  43. We capped college tuition growth well below inflation.
  44. We protected the property tax exemption for seniors and disabled veterans.
  45. We waived state liquor licensing fees. 
  46. We eliminated out-of-network surprise billing in health care.
  47. We created a by-Colorado, for-Colorado insurance option that will save people money on both the small group and individual markets.
  48. We provided more free application days for students at public universities in Colorado.
  49. We are quadrupling the College Opportunity Scholarship Initiative to make college more affordable for more students.
  50. We reduced tuition payments for child care through the child care assistance program, and provided seed funding to create new child care centers.
  51. We reduced the cost of textbooks for students at public universities in Colorado.
  52. We’re providing low-interest direct lending to Colorado Businesses to help them recover and expand.
  53. We are providing a 12-month prescription for insulin for no more than a $50 copay for a 30-day supply for eligible individuals through the Insulin Affordability Program.
  54. We created a way for Colorado businesses to benefit from state and local tax deductions (SALT) despite the changes in federal law, saving them nearly $1 billion in federal income tax between 2018-2025.
  55. We covered fees for more Coloradans to earn a high school equivalency or GED.
  56. We provided free education and training opportunities for Coloradans to upskill, reskill and next skill to get a good job in our most in-demand industries, such as healthcare, IT, education, construction and manufacturing.
  57. We provided free masks to students and teachers, and to the general public at libraries and other depots across the state.
  58. We provided no-cost energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements in homes, saving  homeowners’ money on monthly energy bills.
  59. We’ve saved taxpayers by improving the energy efficiency of our schools, colleges and universities, and local government buildings.
  60. We've helped farmers cut their energy costs through renewable energy and energy efficiency improvements.
  61. We helped commercial buildings reduce their energy costs through the Colorado Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy (C-PACE) program.
  62. We provided free at-home COVID tests for Coloradans. 
  63. We expanded the number of families who are eligible for the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program spots.
  64. We provided Community Innovation and Resilience for Care and Learning Equity (CIRCLE) grants to make high-quality child care more accessible and affordable.
  65. We are providing free transit and bus fares across the State during this and next summer. 
  66. We are reducing the cost of installing an energy storage, high efficiency heat pumps, and low-carbon building materials with a 10% income tax credit and exemption from state sales and use taxes. 
  67. We are providing grants to income-qualified residents across the state to reduce the cost of buying an electric bike. 
  68. We support neighborhoods and communities with grants to save people money when they purchase high-efficiency heating systems and appliances. 
  69. We are expanding bus rapid transit along I-70 and I-25, providing a low-cost, convenient alternative to driving. 
  70. Victims of natural disasters will have access to low-interest loans and grants to reduce the cost of rebuilding homes and business to higher sustainability and resilience. 
  71. We are saving taxpayers money by reducing the cost of fuel and maintenance by partnering with school districts to transition to electric school buses and more efficient buildings. 
  72. We are saving money on property taxes for controlled environmental agricultural facilities including greenhouses and similar facilities. 
  73. We are exempting owners of inoperable vehicles from paying fees or surcharges on the vehicle.
  74. We prohibited local jurisdictions from requiring businesses with no physical presence - including online sellers- to obtain and pay for local sales tax licenses if they already have a state license.
  75. We saved money for farmers and ranchers by exempting fertilizer from sales and use tax.
  76. We’re keeping the Responsible Vendor designation with the occupational badge holder rather than with the business, saving employees and small businesses money when an employee is hired or moves to work with a different company. 
  77. We exempted timber products made from trees killed or infested by mountain pine or spruce beetles from sales and use tax, helping the logging industry.
  78. We’re giving low- and middle-income seniors who don’t qualify for the Homestead Property Tax Exemption up to $1000 each by creating a refundable income tax credit on the 2022 tax return.
  79. We are making the biggest ever investment in the state Affordable Housing Tax Credit, saving Coloradans money with a historic $420M+ investment in affordable housing.
  80.  Businesses who have been negatively affected by COVID and make economic development commitments can now have more time to use the Job Growth Incentive and Enterprise Zone Tax Credits they already earned.
  81. We’re reducing the costs of redeveloping brownfield sites by extending and expanding the state income tax credit for environmental remediation of contaminated land.
  82.  We’re expanding the existing Advanced Industry Tax Credit, which will boost investments to key Colorado industries which have high rates of investment and job creation.
  83. We’re reducing the risk of wildfire by creating a new state income tax credit for low- and middle-income landowners for their wildfire mitigation expenses.
  84. We’re supporting healthcare professionals in rural Colorado by extending and expanding the state healthcare preceptors income tax credit for doctors, nurses, physician assistants, dental hygienists, and others who provide uncompensated personalized instruction and supervision to graduate students.
  85. We are making judicial opinions available online free of charge.
  86. We are supporting the building of high quality, innovating modular and 3-D printed homes, saving people money on the cost of building these innovative homes. 
  87. We’ve created a first-of-its-kind Community Food Access program to improve access to and lower prices for healthy foods in low-income and underserved areas.
  88. We’re boosting the food pantry assistance program to lower prices and increasing access to fresh foods in our state’s food banks and encourage purchases of agricultural products from Colorado farmers and ranchers.
  89. We are breaking down barriers and reducing costs for Coloradans to seek repairs for their power wheelchairs outside of the manufacturer, saving people time and money on a critical piece of equipment and giving them back their independence faster. 
  90. We are saving behavioral healthcare professionals money on licensure and certification fees. 
  91. We are saving people money on internet access by increasing access to high-speed reliable broadband.
  92. We made it free for teen parents to attend driving school if they meet certain requirements, saving these young parents money and increasing safety on our roads. 
  93. We are funding free tuition, fees and course materials for health care training for nursing aides.
  94. We subsidized health insurance for Coloradans left out of the Affordable Care Act by creating the Health Insurance Affordability Enterprise.
  95. We are saving people money on transportation by allowing many Medicaid participants to receive rides through ridesharing companies rather than expensive private transportation providers.
  96. We are saving children and pregnant people money on healthcare by expanding access to health insurance coverage, leading to better health outcomes and less time and money spent on emergency care.  
  97. We are creating a three year tax deduction for contributions to Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) accounts for individuals with disabilities, reducing taxes owed and putting more money into the pockets of Coloradans with disabilities while they build for the future.
  98. We are providing loan and grant assistance to Coloradans starting a small meat processor business. 
  99. We’re providing no-cost energy audits and low cost loans for sustainable upgrades to our state’s burgeoning indoor cannabis cultivators with our Cannabis Resource Optimization Program (CROP).
  100. We are saving families money on critical behavioral health services with the I Matter program for teens providing up to six free mental health consultations for every child under age 18.