Governor Polis Signing Bills to Prepare for and Respond to Wildfires, Protect Colorado’s Environment, Support Colorado’s Workforce and Economy

Friday, June 3, 2022

EVERGREEN - Governor Polis is signing bills into law today to help prepare for and respond to wildfires, protect Colorado’s environment, support Colorado’s workforce and continue to grow Colorado’s thriving economy. 

“Whether it’s providing tax credits to early childhood educators, helping communities prepare for and respond to wildfires and improve recycling, we are committed to saving people money and continuing to build a Colorado for all where everyone can thrive” said Gov. Polis. 

This morning at the Evergreen Nature Center under clear skies and accompanied by First Gentleman Marlon Reis, Gov. Polis signed bipartisan bills into law including HB22-1159 Waste Diversion and Circular Economy Development Center sponsored by  Representative Lisa Cutter, Senators Kevin Priola and Faith Winter, HB22-1355 Producer Responsibility Program For Recycling sponsored by Representative Lisa Cutter, Senators Kevin Priola and Julie Gonzales and HB22-1345 Perfluoroalkyl And Polyfluoroalkyl Chemicals sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Mary Bradfield and Senators Julie Gonzales and Pete Lee. 

“Colorado is committed to using common-sense solutions and cutting edge technology to increase and improve recycling in our state. This bipartisan new law is an important step, will remove the costs of recycling from localities and taxpayers, and save Coloradans money,” said Colorado Governor Jared Polis about HB22-1355. 

Gov. Polis then headed to Evergreen Fire Station where he signed a package of landmark bipartisan bills to prepare for and respond to wildfires. The Governor signed SB22-002 Resources For Volunteer Firefighters sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Perry Will, Senators Joann Ginal and Tammy Story, HB22-1012 Wildfire Mitigation And Recovery led by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Don Valdez, Senators Joann Ginal and Pete Lee, HB22-1011 Wildfire Mitigation Incentives For Local Governments led by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Marc Snyder,  Senators  Tammy Story and Pete Lee, SB22-007 Increase Wildfire Risk Mitigation Outreach Efforts sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Marc Snyder, Senators Tammy Story and Pete Lee, HB22-1007 Assistance Landowner Wildfire Mitigation, sponsored by Representatives Don Valdez and Mike Lynch, Senators Cleave Simpson and Pete Lee, and HB22-1132 Regulation And Services For Wildfire Mitigation sponsored by Representatives Richard Holtorf and Tony Exum Sr. and Senator Larry Liston.

Next, Gov. Polis signed new bipartisan laws to provide tax relief for early childhood educators and programs at a child care center in Lakewood.  Since taking office, the Polis Administration has implemented free, full-day kindergarten, and in partnership with the legislature, launched universal preschool which will go into effect in the Fall of 2023. To support these efforts, Gov. Polis signed SB22-213 Child Care Support Programs led by Senators Rhonda Fields and Jerry Sonnenberg and Representatives Alex Valdez and Kerry Tipper, HB22-1369 Children's Mental Health Programs sponsored by Senators Tammy Story and Jerry Sonnenberg, and Representatives Emily Sirota and Rod Pelton, HB22-1010 Early Childhood Educator Income Tax Credit led by Representatives Emily Sirota and Tonya Van Beber and Senators Janet Buckner and Barb Kirkmeyer. These new laws will allow Colorado’s economy to grow even faster by giving more hardworking families the opportunity to have quality child care. 

Then at Wheat Ridge City Hall, Gov. Polis signed legislation to support Colorado’s workforce and hardworking families, including HB22-1259 Modifications To Colorado Works Program led by Senator Dominick Moreno, Representatives Monica Duran and Iman Jodeh, HB22-1349 Postsecondary Student Success Data System led by Representatives Monica Duran and Perry Will, Senators  Jeff Bridges  and Kevin Priola, SB22-165 Colorado Career Advisor Training Program led by Representatives Mandy Lindsay and Tim Geitner and Senator Jeff Bridges.

This afternoon in Denver, Gov. Polis will sign laws to help community-based organizations build capacity in the longer term, making them more effective partners and creating lasting connections between the state and the communities that need resources the most. Governor Polis will sign legislation including HB22-1356 Small Community-based Nonprofit Grant Program sponsored by Senators Julie Gonzales and Bob Rankin, Representatives Leslie Herod and Edie Hooton, HB22-1409 Community Revitalization Grant Program Funding led by Representatives Leslie Herod and Brianna Titone, Senators James Coleman and Dennis Hisey,  HB22-1406 Restaurant Sales Tax sponsored by Representatives Leslie Herod and Dylan Roberts, Senators James Coleman and Nick Hinrichsen, SB22-232 Creation of Workforce Housing Trust Authority led by Senators Jeff Bridges and Dominick Moreno, Representatives Leslie Herod  and Tracey Bernett, and HB22-1408 Modify Performance-based Incentive For Film Production sponsored by Representatives Leslie Herod and Daneya Esgar, Senators Dennis Hisey and Dominick Moreno.

Later this afternoon at Mile High United Way, Gov. Polis will sign bipartisan laws to help drive investment into Colorado businesses, save people money and connect Coloradans with important resources. The Governor will sign  SB22-182 Economic Mobility Program sponsored by Senators Chris Hansen and Don Coram, Representatives Lindsay Daugherty and Mary Young, SB22-140 Expansion Of Experiential Learning Opportunities led by Representatives Barbara McLachlan and Judy Amabile, Senators James Coleman and Bob Gardner, HB22-1149 Advanced Industry Investment Tax Credit led by Representatives Mike Lynch and Shannon Bird, Senators Bob Rankin and Chris Hansen, HB22-1055 Sales Tax Exemption Essential Hygiene Products sponsored by Representatives Susan Lontine and Leslie Herod, Senators Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Faith Winter and HB22-1315 Colorado 2-1-1 Collaborative Funding led by Representatives Marc Snyder and Janice Rich, Senators Chris Hansen and Kevin Priola.

In Denver, the Governor will also sign bipartisan laws to help build a Colorado for all, support hardworking families and improve food accessibility. The Governor will sign HB22-1380 Critical Services For Low-income Households led by Senators  Jeff Bridges and Don Coram, Representatives Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez and Rod Pelton, HB22-1359 Colorado Household Financial Recovery Program led by Representatives Jennifer Bacon and Marc Snyder, Senators Robert Rodriguez and Pete Lee, and HB22-1364 Food Pantry Assistance Grant Program sponsored by Representatives Lisa Cutter and Matt Soper, Senators  Tammy Story and Kevin Priola.