Saving People Money, Putting Money Back in Hardworking Coloradans Pockets, Ensuring Colorado is Cleaner, Safer and Healthier: Governor Polis Applauds Lawmakers for Landmark Legislative Session

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Gov. Polis, in partnership with legislature, is focused on  money saving measures to provide immediate relief to Coloradans with property tax & fee relief, sending over $400 in tax rebates, saving families $4,300 per year on universal preschool, making health care more affordable & accessible, fighting for clean air, & making Colorado communities safer

DENVER — Governor Polis released a statement today upon the conclusion of the 2022 legislative session. The Governor received a bipartisan delegation of the General Assembly to notify him of adjournment and expressed his gratitude for their work to save people money.

“We’ve worked successfully in partnership with Republicans and Democrats in the legislature so that hardworking Coloradans can hold on to more of their hard-earned money. We are saving Coloradans money on everyday items, providing free universal preschool, delivering major property tax relief for homeowners and businesses, making it free to start a business, sending immediate relief to people through more than $400 in tax rebates, reducing the cost of prescription drugs and increasing affordable housing opportunities. I’m proud of the work that’s been accomplished during this legislative session for a stronger economy, cleaner air, better preparedness for wildfires, and investments in public safety to help make Colorado one of the ten safest states,” said Gov. Polis. “I commend Speaker Garnett, President Fenberg and members of both parties for their efforts this legislative session.”

Governor Polis was clear with Coloradans during his January State of the State address, that among his top priorities were to save people money and improve public safety and put Colorado on track to be one of the ten safest states. From major fee relief to taxpayer rebates, to property tax relief, to bolstering Colorado’s early childhood education system and ensuring healthcare readiness, Gov. Polis, in partnership with the legislature, is delivering on these bold goals to ensure every Coloradan can thrive. 

Saving Coloradans money was a top priority this legislative session and remains a priority for the Governor. In partnership with the legislature, Gov. Polis is bringing real relief to Coloradans with $400 rebates and transformative property tax relief, reducing the fees on drivers license and vehicle registrations, making it free to start a business, supporting small businesses by shoring up the unemployment trust fund, and delaying any new fees on gas to save people money at the pump. Colorado continues to serve as a national model for early childhood education, with universal preschool saving families $4,300 on high-quality, accessible preschool for Colorado kids in the year before kindergarten and establishing the Department of Early Childhood to create a one-stop-shop to streamline early childhood services.

The legislature passed a number of comprehensive public safety bills supported by Gov. Polis, taking bold steps towards reducing crime and making Colorado communities safer. The Governor has a goal of making Colorado one of the ten safest states in the nation in the next five years. The public safety legislation supports the Governor’s goal by investing in community-driven and evidence-based approaches to tackle crime, including the co-responder model, supporting the public safety workforce, and preventing crime from happening in the first place. Combating the fentanyl crisis is critical to save lives and get fentanyl, a deadly poison, off the streets. Bold legislation passed this session to prevent fentanyl deaths goes a long way towards saving lives and making Colorado communities safer. 

The Governor urged the legislature to make transformational investments to make housing more affordable and the state is leveraging once-in-a-generation funding from the American Rescue Plan Act, providing real solutions to meet Colorado’s housing needs and increasing housing supply, making Colorado more affordable and reducing the cost of first-time homeownership. Increased supply of affordable housing allows people to live near where they work, lowering costs and reducing traffic and pollution. 

Bold air quality legislation supported by Gov. Polis was approved this session and builds upon the Polis Administration’s work since day one to improve air quality and ensure a cleaner, healthier Colorado for generations to come. As Colorado faces increased threat of year-round wildfires, transformative support for wildfire preparedness and mitigation provides real solutions to protect Colorado homes, communities, and economy from the threat of destructive wildfires. 

Doubling down on the Polis Administration’s work since day one to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, this legislative session included transformative investments to ensure that Colorado’s healthcare systems are prepared to meet any public health needs that arise now or in the future, including maintaining a stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE) like masks and gloves to bridge the gap if national supply does not meet demand.