Governor’s Office Statement on Passage of Fentanyl Bill

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

DENVER  - The Governor’s Office released a statement regarding the legislature’s approval of the bipartisan HB22-1326, Fentanyl Accountability and Prevention: 

“Making major bipartisan progress on saving lives and improving public safety is a great way for a historic session of the General Assembly focused on saving people money to wrap up. In addition to a huge property tax cut, fee reductions, free preschool, and a rebate check of upwards of  $400 for every Coloradan, the legislature has now acted in a bipartisan, and comprehensive manner to reduce fentanyl deaths and get dealers off the streets and fentanyl our of our communities. The Governor appreciates the ongoing work to fight fentanyl and addiction, deeply appreciates the work of Speaker Garnett to bring prosecutors, police, drug treatment experts, and advocates together. While people of good faith can quibble over the exact details of any bill, the Governor sees this bill as a big step in the right direction to make Colorado safer for all.”