Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law to Help Aging Coloradans Thrive, Strengthen Prosecution of Sexual Assault Crimes, Protect Healthcare Workers

Thursday, March 24, 2022

DENVER — Today, Governor Jared Polis signed eleven bills into law, including legislation to ensure Colorado’s rapidly growing population of aging Coloradans can thrive with additional supports for long-term services, workforce development opportunities, and access to livable communities by integrating aging policy and programs across state government, help prosecutors convict perpetrators by making lack of consent central to sexual assault charges, and protect healthcare workers’ private information to prevent doxxing.  

  • HB22-1017 Increase Alcohol Beverage Excise Tax Exemption - Representatives S. Bird | D. Woog, Senators C. Kolker | L. Liston

  • HB22-1035 Modernization Of The Older Coloradans' Act - Representatives M. Young | M. Bradfield, Senators J. Ginal | B. Rankin

  • HB22-1041 Privacy Protections For Protected Persons - Representatives A. Boesenecker | C. Larson, Senator J. Ginal

  • HB22-1087 Special District Director Retirement Benefits - Representatives E. Hooton | A. Pico, Senators T. Story | L. Liston

  • HB22-1135 Marijuana Transporter License Transfers - Representatives  M. Snyder | K. Van Winkle, Senators C. Holbert | R. Rodriguez

  • HB22-1169 Prohibit Sexual Act Without Consent - Representatives D. Michaelson Jenet | M. Soper, Senators F. Winter | D. Hisey

  • HB22-1112 Workers' Compensation Injury Notices - Representative L. Daugherty, Senator J. Gonzales

  • SB22-042 Colorado State Fair Authority Board Membership - Representatives D. Esgar | P. Will, Senator D. Coram

  • SB22-052 Medical Assistance Income Eligibility Requirements - Representatives K. Mullica | M. Bradfield, Senators S. Jaquez Lewis | J. Smallwood

  • SB22-054 Recommend Community School For Turnaround Plan - Representative B. Titone, Senators R. Zenzinger | B. Kirkmeyer

  • SB22-065 Modification To County Coroners' Salaries - Representatives M. Gray | P. Will, Senators D. Hisey | T. Story