Governor Polis Welcomes Secretary Buttigieg to Colorado as Statewide Infrastructure Projects Continue to Bring Good Jobs, Save Coloradans Time and Money

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

DENVER — Colorado Governor Jared Polis welcomes Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg to Colorado, on a visit highlighting Colorado’s nation-leading work in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, improving and expanding roads across the state, and ensuring a safe, efficient transportation system that allows all Coloradans to thrive. 

“We are fixing our roads, and building a safe, accessible, transportation system for all Coloradans, and supporting innovation in electric vehicle charging stations. These landmark projects bring good jobs to Colorado workers and will save Coloradans time and money,” said Colorado Governor Polis. “We are proud to welcome Secretary Buttigieg to our beautiful state as we continue our nation-leading work to build a dynamic transportation system for the future.”

On Thursday, Governor Polis, Secretary Buttigieg, Senators Bennet and Hickenlooper and Congressman Joe Neguse will visit landmark infrastructure projects including the Floyd Hill I-70 Improvement Project where Governor Polis signed the historic state infrastructure bill last year. The Secretary's visit will also include stops with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) at the Glenwood Canyon Emergency Reconstruction Project to discuss the Polis Administration’s record response and recovery efforts in the aftermath of extreme weather conditions last summer. The Polis Administration worked closely with Secretary Buttigieg and the Federal Highway Administration to quickly secure funding for the Glenwood Canyon Emergency Reconstruction Project. The Governor and CDOT are working closely with Western Slope communities and transit authorities to pursue a federal grant to support transit oriented development in these rapidly growing communities. 

Governor Polis was one of the first governors in the country to support the federal infrastructure package which, combined with Colorado’s own historic bipartisan infrastructure legislation, has delivered real results across the state. The Colorado Department of Transportation has made significant progress towards its 10-Year Plan, including improvements to over 622 miles of rural roads in 2021.