Powering the Comeback Tour: Governor Polis Meets with Small Businesses, Discusses Economic Recovery in Pueblo, Salida, Cañon City

Friday, September 24, 2021

Economic Forecasts Show Colorado’s Economy is Roaring Back

PUEBLO - Today, Governor Polis continued the Powering the Comeback Tour by visiting with small businesses in Pueblo, Salida, and Cañon City. Gov. Polis was joined by cabinet members and state lawmakers throughout the day.

“It was exciting to visit small businesses and hear from community leaders in Salida, Pueblo and Cañon City about building back better. We know our economy is roaring back and working with the communities I visited today we will continue to create a Colorado where everyone thrives today, tomorrow and for years to come,” said Governor Polis. 

This morning in Salida, Governor Polis stopped by the Book Haven and Little Red Hen Bakery in Salida where he also met with the small business owners near the new skate park, picked up a good book, and enjoyed a tasty breakfast.

Governor Polis, former State Representative Jim Wilson, Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs Rick Garcia and local officials also toured the RAC development site, which will support addiction recovery and behavioral health through crisis walk-in, acute treatment, respite, and more, in a new 15,000 square foot building designed to deliver safe, evidence-based care. This July, Governor Polis appointed former State Representative Jim Wilson to the Colorado Commission on Higher Education. 

Next, Governor Polis, Colorado Department of Corrections Executive Director Dean Williams, and Mayor Ashley Smith visit The Hotel St. Cloud in Cañon City. The construction project employs individuals involved in the justice system to help develop building and trade skills and re-enter the workforce. St. Cloud Hotel was awarded a Community Revitalization Grant by Colorado Creative Industries, a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade.  

The St. Cloud Hotel was historically a film set for silent-era films and was the first hotel with electricity in the state.  Unbridled, the developer for the St. Cloud Hotel, stated that they hope to forge a positive future for the City by advancing creative industries and the hospitality industry. Their core mission is to “restore people and places”. Unbridled is actualizing its mission by restoring several additional historic buildings in Cañon City and their restoration of the historic Post Office will serve as the Fremont Center for the Arts, including workspaces for artisans. The Annex Ballroom Building will be home to a farm-to-table restaurant where local artists will display their works and musicians will share their talents.

Next, Governor Polis headed to Pueblo where he, Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs Rick Garcia, Senate President Leroy Garcia, Majority Leader Esgar, and Mayor Nick Gradisar visited a modular homes production facility and discussed the importance of affordable housing. 

Gov. Polis, Senate President Garcia, Majority Leader Esgar, and Mayor Gradisar then toured a redevelopment site that will become a food hall and restaurant incubator, childcare program, and affordable housing in Downtown Pueblo.  

“It’s always great spending time in Pueblo eating the world’s best chiles and seeing exciting projects that will make the steel city even stronger,” Governor Polis added. 

Later in the afternoon, Gov. Polis, Senate President Garcia, Majority Leader Esgar, and members of the business community visited the Pueblo Chile festival, home to the best chiles in the world. Governor Polis also stopped by Papa Mario’s food truck, winner of the inaugural Governor’s Plate.


(Governor Polis tours the RAC development site in Salida.)


(Governor Polis visits with individuals at the Hotel St. Cloud in Cañon City). 



(Governor Polis and Majority Leader Esgar tour a modular home production facility and a redevelopment site).

(Governor Polis checks out the world-famous Pueblo chiles.)

(Governor Polis stops by Papa Mario’s, winner of the inaugural Governor’s Plate.)