Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

Friday, May 28, 2021

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis signed 13 bills. 

Governor Polis signed the following bills in ceremonies: 

  • HB21-1059 Online Student Protections Sponsored by Representatives  T. Geitner & M. Bradfield and Senator P. Lundeen 

  • HB21-1133 K-12 Seizure Training & Individual Action Plans Sponsored by Representatives K. Mullica & I. Jodeh and Senators B. Pettersen & K. Priola

  • HB21-1117 Local Government Authority Promote Affordable Housing Units Sponsored by Representatives S. Lontine &  S. Gonzales-Gutierrez and Senators J. Gonzales & R. Rodriguez 

  • HB21-1084 Drivers' Licenses For Foster Children Sponsored by Representatives T. Exum & K. Van Winkle and Senators D. Hisey & C. Kolker

  • HB21-1116 Purple Heart Recipient Free State Park Access Sponsored by Representatives R. Holtorf & D. Ortiz and Senators L. Liston & L. Garcia 

  • HB21-1217 Military Family Open Enrollment In Public Schools Sponsored by Representatives R. Bockenfeld & J. Bacon and Senators R. Fields & P. Lundeen

  • HB21-1231 United States Space Force Sponsored by Representatives D. Ortiz & M. Lynch and Senators R. Fields & J. Bridges

Governor Polis signed the following bills administratively:

  • HB21-1224 Modification To Statutes Governing Foreclosure Of Real Property Sponsored by Representatives S. Bird & P. Neville and Senator F. Winter

  • SB21-101 Sunset Direct-entry Midwives Sponsored by Senators R. Fields & T. Story and Representatives Y. Caraveo & D. Williams

  • SB21-136 Sunset Forest Health Advisory Council Sponsored by Senators J. Ginal & D. Coram and Representatives L. Cutter & T. Carver

  • SB21-021 Audiology And Speech-language Interstate Compact Sponsored by Senators J. Buckner & D. Hisey and Representatives M. Young & T. Carver

  • SB21-082 Alcohol Beverage Festival For Tastings And Sales Sponsored by Senators K. Priola & B. Pettersen and Representatives K. Mullica & D. Williams

  • SB21-115 Annual Funding For Talking Book Library Services Sponsored by Senators R. Zenzinger & P. Lundeen and Representatives B. Titone & C. Larson

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HB21-1117 Signing Statement