Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

Thursday, May 13, 2021

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis signed the following bills into law. 

The Governor signed the following bills in signing ceremonies: 

  • SB21-167 Regulation Of Child Care Centers - Sponsored by Representatives C. Larson & M. Gray and Senators C. Holbert & J. Bridges
  • SB21-013 Reversing COVID-related Learning Loss - Sponsored by Representatives J. Bacon &  M. Froelich and Senator R. Fields
  • SB21-059 Juvenile Justice Code Reorganization - Sponsored by Representatives S. Gonzales-Gutierrez & T. Geitner and Senators P. Lee & B. Gardner

The Governor signed the following bills administratively:

  • SB21-160 Modification To Local Government Election Codes - Sponsored by Representative M. Snyder and Senator B. Gardner
  • SB21-198 Repeal Capital Construction Education Fund Report Requirement - Sponsored by Representatives D. Roberts & R. Bockenfeld and Senators J. Smallwood & Senator R. Rodriguez
  • SB21-178 Extend Care Subfund Deadline For COVID-19 Programs - Sponsored by Representative J. McCluskie and Senator D. Moreno

Watch the signing ceremony for SB21-167 & SB21-013 here.

Watch the signing ceremony for SB21-059 here.