Gov. Polis signs bills into law, announces vetoes

Friday, May 31, 2019

DENVER — Gov. Jared Polis today signed the following bills into law. The Governor also announced a number of vetoes.







Identity Documents For Transgender Persons

Rep. Esgar / Sen. Moreno

Concerning identity documents for transgender persons, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Prohibit Conversion Therapy for A Minor

Reps. Michaelson Jenet & Esgar / Sen. Fenberg

Concerning prohibiting a mental health care provider from engaging in conversion therapy with a patient under eighteen years of age.


Electric Motor Vehicles Public Utility Services

Sens. Priola & Williams / Rep. Hansen

Concerning measures that affect the development of infrastructure used by electric motor vehicles, and, in connection therewith, establishing a process at the Colorado public utilities commission whereby a public utility may undertake implementation of an electric motor vehicle infrastructure program within the area covered by the utility's certificate of public convenience and necessity.


Electric Vehicle Charging Station Parking

Rep. Melton / Sen. Priola

Concerning the use of electric motor vehicle charging stations for parking a motor vehicle.


Electronic Verification of Identification for a Motor Vehicle Rental

Reps. Coleman & Williams / Sen. Priola

Concerning the use of an electronic device to verify the driver's license of a person who rents a motor vehicle.


Modify Innovative Motor Vehicle Income Tax Credits

Reps. Jacquez Lewis & Gray / Sen. Danielson

Concerning modifications to the income tax credits for innovative motor vehicles.


Addressing Impacts of Transportation Changes

Sens. Winter & Bridges / Reps. Gray & Hansen

Concerning means of addressing the impacts of technological and business model changes related to commercial vehicles, and, in connection therewith, requiring the department of transportation to convene and consult with a stakeholder group to examine impacts of new transportation technologies and business models, identify means of addressing impacts, and report findings and make recommendations to the general assembly.


Social Security Disability Application Assistance

Reps. Michaelson Jenet & Larson / Sen. Winter

Concerning application assistance for persons seeking federal disability benefits, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Name Simplification of Western State Colorado University

Reps. McLachlan / Sen. Donovan

Concerning the name simplification of Western state Colorado university to Western Colorado university.


Wildfire Mitigation Wildland-Urban Interface Areas

Reps. McLachlan & Carver / Sen. Fields

Concerning measures to mitigate the effects of wildfires within wildland-urban interface areas, and, in connection therewith, clarifying the legislative intent that state funding of the existing forest restoration and wildfire risk mitigation grant program be increased and making an appropriation.


Colorado Department of Public Safety Human Trafficking-Related Training

Reps. Carver & McLachlan / Sens. Gardner & Ginal

Concerning human trafficking prevention training by the department of public safety.


Food Systems Advisory Council

Reps. McLachlan & Galindo / Sens. Ginal & Priola

Concerning the food systems advisory council, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Leadership Professional Development for School Principals

Reps. McLachlan & WIlson / Sens. Zenzinger & Priola

Concerning professional development in leadership for public school principals, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Board County Commissioners Delegation Subdivision Platting

Rep. Snyder / Sen. Hisey

Concerning the ability of the boards of county commissioners to delegate to county administrative officials certain land use determinations affecting subdivision platting.


Sunset Continue Colorado Medical Practice Act

Sens. Ginal & Lee / Rep. Tipper

Concerning the continuation of the "Colorado Medical Practice Act", and, in connection therewith, continuing the Colorado medical board, eliminating the sixty-day limit on the pro bono license, repealing the requirement that a letter of admonition be sent to licensees by certified mail, and updating language and making technical amendments.


Continued Management of Waste Tires

Sens. Todd & Coram / Reps. Buentello & Gray

Concerning the continued management of waste tires, and, in connection therewith, making and reducing an appropriation.


State Procurement Disparity Study

Sens. Williams & Rodriguez / Reps. Buckner

Concerning methods to determine whether disparities involving certain historically underutilized businesses exist within the state procurement process, and, in connection therewith, commissioning a study to make such determination, requiring the department of personnel to track contracts awarded to historically underutilized businesses, and,making an appropriation.


Identification and Interventions for Students with Dyslexia

Reps. Buckner & Wilson / Sen. Todd

Concerning researching effective methods for assisting early-grade students with dyslexia, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Prevent Sexual Misconduct at Higher Education Campuses

Sens. Pettersen & Winter / Reps. McLachlan & Buckner

Concerning the prevention of sexual misconduct on higher education campuses.


Comprehensive Human Sexuality Education

Reps. Lontine & Caraveo / Sens. Todd & Coram

Concerning comprehensive human sexuality education, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Sunset Pet Animal Care And Facilities Act

Sens. Coram & Garcia / Reps. Duran & Catlin

Concerning measures to increase school district access to interoperable communication technology to improve school safety, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Modernizing Marriage Laws For Minors

Reps. Hansen & Landgraf / Sens. Winter & Cooke

Concerning modernizing marriage laws related to minors, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Health Care Cost Savings Act of 2019

Reps. Sirota & Jacquez Lewis / Sen. Foote

Concerning the enactment of the "Health Care Cost Savings Act of 2019" that creates a task force to analyze health care financing systems in order to give the general assembly findings regarding the systems' costs of providing adequate health care to residents of the state, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Elimination Of Duplicate Regulation Of School Building

Sens. Holbert & Foote / Reps. Baisley & Gray

Concerning the elimination of duplicate regulation of the property of a school district, district charter school, or institute charter school.


Revisor's Bill

Sens. Lee & Gardner / Rep. Weissman

Concerning the nonsubstantive revision of statutes in the Colorado Revised Statutes, as amended, and, in connection therewith, amending or repealing obsolete, imperfect, and inoperative law to preserve the legislative intent, effect, and meaning of the law.


Denver Health Managed Care Organization Contracts With The Department Of Health Care Policy And Financing

Rep. Lontine / Sen. Fields

Concerning the requirement for the department of health care policy and financing to contract with the managed care organization operated by Denver health and hospital authority until the managed care organization ceases to operate a medicaid managed care program.


Peer-to-peer Motor Vehicle Sharing Program

Sen. Scott / Rep. Gray

Concerning the operation of peer-to-peer motor vehicle sharing businesses.


Clarify Disclosure Of A Report To At-risk Adult

Reps. Kraft-Tharp & Larson / Sens. Lee & Gardner

Concerning the clarification that the disclosure of a report of the mistreatment or self-neglect of an at-risk adult shall only be made to the at-risk adult who is the subject of the report.


Jail Capacity Data Collection

Reps. Weissman & McKean / Sen. Lee

Concerning data collection from jail facilities operated by political subdivisions of the state, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.


Electronic Filing Of Certain Taxes

Reps. Gray & Snyder / Sen. Todd

Concerning electronic filing of certain taxes.


Emergency Medical Service Providers Licensing

Sen. Garcia / Rep. Kennedy

Concerning the creation of an emergency medical service provider license, and, in connection therewith, specifying that a certified emergency medical service provider may obtain a license from the department of public health and environment if the certified emergency medical service provider demonstrates to the department that the certified emergency medical service provider completed a four-year bachelor's degree program.


Holding Company Income Tax Combined Report

Sen. Lee / Reps. Snyder & Gray

Concerning combined reporting by a corporation for Colorado state income tax purposes.


Ban Posting Images Of A Suicide

Rep. Saine / Sen. Marble

Concerning a prohibition on disseminating an image of a suicide of a minor.


*Click to see the full signing statements for HB19-1176, SB19-135, and SB19-104.

Governor Polis also vetoed the following bills today. Veto letters and executive orders for HB19-1212 and HB19-1305 are linked below.








D 2019 006

Recreate Homeowners’ Association Community Manager Licensing

Reps. Titone & Duran / Sens. Fields & Todd

Concerning the recreation of the community association manager licensing program.



Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act 2015

Sen. Todd / Rep. Tipper

Concerning the "Revised Uniform Athlete Agents Act (2015)", and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.



Require License Practice Genetic Counseling

Sens. Ginal & Todd / Reps. Michaelson Jenet & Buckner

Concerning the regulation of genetic counselors, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.



Project Management Competencies For Certain Contracts

Sens. Tate & Bridges / Reps. Arndt & Titone

Concerning project management competencies for certain state contracts.



D 2019 007

Tribal Entity Emergency Child Welfare Criminal History Check

Reps. McLachlan & Catlin / Sens. Gonzales & Coram

Concerning the authority of tribal entities to administer fingerprint-based criminal history record checks related to emergency child welfare placements.