Governor Polis Signs Bills Into Law

Monday, April 19, 2021

DENVER - Today, Governor Jared Polis signed seven bills into law. 

The Governor signed the following bills in signing ceremonies: 

  • SB21-078 Lost or Stolen Firearms- Sponsored by Representatives T. Sullivan & L. Herod and Senators S. Jaquez Lewis & J. Danielson. 

  • HB21-1106 Safe Storage of Firearms - Sponsored by Representatives M. Duran & K. Mullica and Senators J. Bridges & C. Hansen 

  • SB21-026 Restoration of Honor Act - Sponsored by Representative D. Ortiz and Senator  D. Moreno

  • HB21-1072 Equal Access Services For Out-of-home Placements- Sponsored by  Representative M. Froelich and Senators R. Fields & S. Jaquez Lewis

  • HB21-1076 Carpooling Service Internet Application Register Colorado Department Of Transportation- Sponsored by Representatives J. McCluskie & P. Will and Senators K. Donovan & D. Hisey

View today’s bill signings of SB21-078 and HB21-1106.

Today’s bill signing of SB21-026 can be viewed here and the bill signings of HB21-1072 and  HB21-1076 can be viewed here

The Governor signed the following bills administratively:

  • HB21-1124 Expand Ability Conduct Business Electronically- Sponsored by Representative S. Bird and Senators M. Soper & P. Lee 

  • HB21-1063 Model Law Credit Extraterritorial Reinsurance - Sponsored by Representative S. Lontine and Senator R. Rodriguez