Gov. Polis Partners with Community-Based Organizations, Hosts Clinics as Part of Vaccines for All Plan

Friday, March 26, 2021

DENVER - As part of Governor Polis’ Vaccines for All efforts, the State of Colorado is allocating vaccines to community-based organizations across the state to host more than 25 vaccination clinics between Friday, March 26 - Thursday, April 1, 2021. These clinics will focus on vaccinating underserved Coloradans and span a variety of diverse communities. 

“We know that this deadly virus has hit Colorado’s more vulnerable communities hardest, which is why we are committed to distributing the vaccine in a way that is equitable and saves the most lives. Each week, these vaccine clinics are bringing that vision to reality, and bringing us closer to the end of this pandemic,” said Governor Jared Polis. “I want to thank all the partners across the state who are part of our Vaccines for All efforts and working day and night to help us reach our goals.”

Each of the following clinics are not accepting walk-in appointments. You must have an appointment to attend.


Posner Center for International Development

“The Posner Center for International Development, with Denver Urban Gardens and CAI Global, is hosting a COVID-19 Community Vaccine Clinic for our neighbors, the members of the surrounding communities of Five Points, Whittier, Cole, Clayton, Globeville, and Elyria-Swansea. Because of generations of systemic inequities, some communities --such as communities of color or lower-income communities--have been disproportionately impacted by COVID19. Our goal is to educate and distribute the vaccines equitably across these communities that are impacted the most in our surrounding neighborhoods,” said Brittany Pimentel, Equity & Food Access Director, Denver Urban Gardens.

Link to photos from Posner Center for International Development

Quality Life Service

“Quality Life Service is so happy to work with CDPHE and provide the opportunity for Individuals who have Intellectual Disabilities to be able to get the vaccine in a familiar environment.  Thank you for allowing us to provide that space for Individuals that have been in their homes away from their normal routines for the past year.  We had so many emotions on March 16th during the clinic.  We had lots of tears from so many to be able to receive the vaccine!  Our staff did amazing in volunteering for the day and the day went incredibly smooth.  We look forward to another day on April 13th!” said Anita Gulati, Residential Director.


Inner City Health Center

“Inner City Health Center is on the front lines of conquering this COVID beast. Our plan is to hold COVID vaccine clinics every Saturday until it appears the need is waning. That commitment will take us into the summer months. Vaccine patients should register with us.  We have no residency restrictions – this is one of our many community service programs to ensure we offer quality health care to anyone who needs it –far and wide and close to home,” said Linda Olson, Senior Development Officer.

“As difficult as the COVID-19 pandemic has been, it has also offered some pleasant surprises. Despite our longevity (38 years), ICHC is still relatively unknown. However, with thousands coming from throughout the region for COVID vaccines. This presents a valuable opportunity for us to reach families who now find themselves without health insurance or inadequate coverage,” said Kraig Burleson, CEO.

The EduCtr

"Working as part of the Vaccine Equity taskforce has truly been the most important volunteer work I have ever done.  As a lifelong resident in Aurora and a teacher, I have seen firsthand the devastation that this pandemic has caused, especially in communities of color which is where most of my students come from. I truly believe that everyone needs to do their part to end this disease and scheduling for and volunteering at these clinics is just the part I am playing to make things safe and back to normal again,” said Jessica Price, Aurora Resident, Teacher at Overland High School.

City of Edgewater

“The City of Edgewater has been flooded with gratitude, relief, and excitement for the Covid-19 Clinics we have been hosting. We’ve had citizens come with literal bells ringing in hand! These Equity Clinics have opened new collaborations with Spanish-speaking organizations, local non-profits, and seniors centers in our area. We want to thank the vaccinators, PHIs, and team leads for all their hard work and dedication to keeping our Colorado Communities safe – let’s keep making history!” said Kalah Hardt, Communications & Events Director, City of Edgewater.

New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

“We are excited about the opportunity to be a part of saving lives in our community by offering a place for people to feel comfortable to come to take the vaccine,” said Pastor Daniels, Senior Pastor.

Link to photos from New Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church

Nourish Meals on Wheels

“Nourish Meals on Wheels is proud to be part of the solution for our clients and volunteers in this community effort. DRCOG Area Agency on Aging is assisting with transportation for our clients who need help getting here.  Senator Kolker’s office has offered to arrange vaccinations for our clients unable to leave their homes.  And the CDPHE process has been very well organized.  Nourish Meals on Wheels is happy for this unexpected opportunity to “nourish” our neighbors with this pop-up vaccine clinic,” said Diane McClymonds, Executive Director.

Link to photos from Nourish Meals on Wheels

Dayton Street Opportunity Center

“It is an honor and pleasure to assist and serve our loyal and dedicated medical professionals working tirelessly to save lives and achieve herd immunity for our community. My purpose and motivation is to get the message out that the COVID-19 vaccination is safe, effective and critical. Blessed to be a part of an amazing team!” said Jennifer Harris, volunteer.

Link to photos from Dayton Street Opportunity Center


Aurora Center for Active Adults 

"Working as part of the Vaccine Equity taskforce has truly been the most important volunteer work I have ever done.  As a lifelong resident in Aurora and a teacher, I have seen firsthand the devastation that this pandemic has caused, especially in communities of color which is where most of my students come from.  I truly believe that everyone needs to do their part to end this disease and scheduling for and volunteering at these clinics is just the part I am playing to make things safe and back to normal again,” said Jessica Price, Aurora Resident, Teacher at Overland High School.

Firefly Autism 

“Giving back to the communities in which we serve is important to us”, in fact as Ken Winn would say, it’s in our DNA.  The team at Firefly analyzed our clinic and space to ensure all safety measures were in place and that it would be a smooth and great experience for our community members!  Thanks to this team, it was exactly that and are expecting our second vaccination clinic to run with ease!  We are so proud to be a resource in partnership with our team at the state, to facilitate this important service to our Communities!” said Jesse Ogas, Executive Director/CEO.


Brighton Housing Authority

“BHA has worked closely with the Governor’s Office and CDPHE to bring this vaccine clinic to our community. We could not be more pleased with the collaboration with the State, Almost Home and Cultivando to bring local access to vaccination options. Additionally, we are extremely appreciative of the City of Brighton’s support in this effort. As the State of Colorado continues to open up more phases in the vaccine rollout, BHA is seeing many families registering to receive the vaccine. BHA will continue to explore more opportunities to partner with supporting agencies to provide access to local vaccine options in the future,” said Joseph A. Espinosa, Executive Director.

Westside Community Center

“The Westside Community Center is thrilled to partner with CDPHE in extending COVID vaccination efforts to those currently eligible, including many of our elderly neighbors and those on the westside impacted by the coronavirus. We aim to provide services and connections that allow our neighbors, families, and seniors to enjoy life on the west side of Colorado Springs, and being able to offer a location for vaccine services is a major step in helping many of our friends get back to an enjoyable, connected lifestyle. We are grateful for the chance to work with CDPHE, Governor Polis’s office, and our healthcare community in offering this opportunity,” said Stu Davis, Director Westside Community Center.

City of Northglenn 

“The City of Northglenn is proud to partner with CDPHE to host a clinic in our community to provide much-needed access to vaccines. We encourage everyone to get the facts from reliable health agencies, so they are comfortable with the vaccine. As more and more people are vaccinated, we are looking forward to the day when it is safe to resume in-person services, expand program offerings, and are all back to that feeling of "normal," said Rupa Venkatesh, Assistant to the City Manager.


The Resource Exchange 

“Because people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the elderly, and those with long-term care needs experience disproportionately severe COVID-19 outcomes, The Resource Exchange has made strong efforts to provide easy access to the vaccines for people in services, as well as those who care for them. We are able to provide the vaccine in a culturally competent manner that best meets the needs of vulnerable people in our community. We are proud to support vaccine efforts and partner with other community organizations, especially the state and local health department, to meet the needs of the Pikes Peak region,” said Lori Ganz, Director of Clinical Services. 

Las Animas - Huerfano Counties District 

“The Las Animas Huerfano Counties District Health Department is pleased to host an equity vaccine clinic with the partnership of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the Governor’s Office to serve some of our most vulnerable residents in the fight against COVID-19. This opportunity for our rural communities will provide overwhelming accessibility and help decrease the gaps and barriers in receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. It has been a pleasure to work with our partners and we look forward to providing more steps towards ending this pandemic and keeping our communities safe,” said Kimberly Gonzales, Executive Director.

Delwest Management Corporation 

“It is a great privilege to partner with CDPHE to offer convenient and free COVID-19 vaccinations to our residents and other community members who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic,” said Stacie Packard, president, Delwest Management. “We are working to reduce inequity and increase access to support services throughout all of our affordable housing projects every day, and are extremely gratified that the Governor’s office and CDPHE have provided yet another opportunity to serve and safeguard our most vulnerable communities,” said Bree Neely, Direct Object Communications.

Iora Primary Care

"Iora Primary Care is thrilled to partner with Governor Polis and the Colorado Department of Public Health in a vaccination effort at our practice, specifically targeting underserved populations and communities of color.  At Iora, we serve older adults on Medicare who, because of age and comorbidity, are particularly prone to the devastating effects of COVID-19. We believe that helping our patients get access to the vaccine is the most important thing we can do to keep them safe and healthy right now. We appreciate the State of Colorado's partnership in our vaccination event and look forward to working together in the future to continue to protect some of the most vulnerable Coloradans," said Carroll Haymon, MD, Colorado Medical Director.

Every Child Pediatrics 

“We are excited to host a COVID vaccine clinic.  The mission of Every Child Pediatrics is to provide high-quality pediatric care to kids in Colorado regardless of their ability to pay.  We are honored to be a trusted resource for our patients’ families and are committed to doing all that we can to provide information and access to vaccinations to our vulnerable communities,” said Laura Luzietti, Executive Director.


Gunnison County Health and Human Services

"Gunnison County is working with the state to ensure that health inequities are being met within the community. The state of Colorado is providing additional vaccines for vulnerable populations, such as the Latinx community. With these vaccines, Gunnison County and partners are able to hold COVID vaccination clinics that accommodate the needs of these vulnerable populations. Gunnison will be providing an additional Latinx clinic in the following weeks with adequate language resources to meet this population's needs," said Devan Haney, Multicultural Resource Coordinator.

Dallas Street Opportunity Center 

“Dallas Street Opportunity Center is elated to be commissioned by the G7 and partnering with the Governor's Office to provide the vaccine to the most underserved members of our community. As Healthcare Advocates, It is important to us to prevent disparities and ensure equitable access to the vaccine. We are ground zero, here at the Dallas Street Opportunity Center,” said Mandy Seganakis, Director

Lifespan Local 

"We have an amazing and diverse group of people living in Southwest Denver, and they deserve this opportunity to receive a vaccination in an equitable and dignified manner. We are grateful to partner with the Governor’s office to offer vaccines to our community members who have been disproportionately affected by COVID 19," said Ken Knoblock, Project Manager.

Rainbow Housing Assistance Corporation at Lumien Apartments 

"Hosting a vaccination clinic next week is another way we can provide effective supportive housing in our corner of the state. By bringing integrated healthcare and vaccines to our residents, we are removing barriers to a potentially confusing system and making the process as easy, transparent and trauma informed as possible. We hope that this clinic will help open up our community for social gathering events in the warm months to come! That's when our community thrives," said Joel Berdie, Resident Services Coordinator. 


Ariel Clinical Services

“Mesa County Public Health is committed to ensuring that every member of our community has access to a free COVID-19 vaccine. We were pleased to partner with Ariel and provide vaccine doses to be administered during this community clinic. Our community vaccination effort next is the next step on our path forward together, to restore what we love about Western Colorado,” said Amanda Mayle, Marketing and Communication Manager of Mesa County Public Health.

Colorado Premium

“We are thankful for the opportunity to work with community, county and state health officials to support an amazing group of selfless individuals. Individuals who put their own fears aside as essential workers to feed the nation. Individuals who wholeheartedly embraced the necessary prevention efforts to ensure everyone’s health and safety were paramount,” said Bernie Ruesgen, Vice President Human Resources.

Karuna Care Services

“At Karuna Care Services, we believe in empowering the success of our community by providing residential and community services to individuals of all abilities. By holding an internal vaccine clinic in our KCS community, we are able to break down barriers to vaccine access for many individuals with logistical challenges to vaccine administration and provide a trusting relationship that promotes health and wellness. We are extremely excited to be able to provide this vaccine clinic to those who need it most in our KCS community so that we can continue our mission to build a better future for the individuals we serve and our community,” said Tim West-Heiss, Director of Programs and Development.