Gov. Polis Partners with Community-Based Organizations, Hosts Clinics as Part of Vaccines for All Plan

Monday, March 15, 2021

DENVER - As part of Governor Polis’ Vaccines for All plan, the State of Colorado is allocating vaccines to community-based organizations across the state to host more than 20 vaccination clinics between Friday, March 12 - Thursday, March 18, 2021. These clinics will focus on vaccinating underserved Coloradans and span a variety of diverse communities. 

“Colorado is proud to partner with trusted healthcare providers and community organizations in every corner of our state to get more shots into arms and end this pandemic. Since day one, rapid and equitable distribution of the vaccine has been our priority, and these clinics are a critical part of ensuring that all Coloradans have access,” said Governor Jared Polis.

Each of the following clinics are not accepting walk-in appointments. You must have an appointment to attend.

Due to the impending inclement weather,  some clinics may have to cancel and reschedule vaccine appointments. If you currently have an appointment, please check with your vaccine provider on the status of your appointment. 



“We are so very grateful to be able to provide on-site COVID vaccine clinics at our affordable senior properties provided by the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Our senior population has experienced isolation, loneliness, fear and anxiety during the pandemic and staff at MetroWest Housing Solutions have gone above and beyond to ensure that they had the resources and support to stay strong and healthy until a vaccine became available. It is humbling to be a part of something that will give our folks back the life they so deserve. Thank you Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment and Governor Polis for making this possible,” said Executive Director, Tami Fischer.

Servicios de La Raza 

“Servicios de La Raza deeply appreciates the significant leadership by our Governor and State Government in the paramount effort to partner with Latino community-based organizations like Servicios to achieve equity in vaccinating our Latino communities across Colorado,” said Rudy Gonzales, Executive Director. 


Village Exchange Center 

"The Village Exchange Center is hosting a mobile vaccine pop-up in East Colfax to serve an under-resourced immigrant, refugee, and low-income community that has predominantly had less access to vaccines and vaccine education.  Our Natural Helpers and staff are on-hand to support the clinic and answer questions in Spanish and English to reduce barriers in access and promote better well-being for all Coloradans equally,” said Catharina Hughey, Director of Operations and Programs.

Volunteers of America 

“Volunteers of America Colorado is grateful to host vaccine clinics in partnership with CDPHE for our clients, staff, and the staff of partner agencies that serve people experiencing homelessness and survivors of domestic violence,” said Rachel Bauske Frasure, Sr. Director of Southwest Colorado Services for VOAC. “Vaccinations are the first step in allowing us and our partners to hopefully restart programs and services that were paused due to the pandemic. Thanks to the vaccine clinics, we are better positioned to safely serve the most vulnerable members of our community—and for that, we are appreciative and optimistic for brighter days ahead,” said Rachel Bauske Frasure, Senior Director of Southwest Colorado. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters 

“At Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado two of our core values are ‘community-minded’ and ‘service oriented’ because it empowers our community, fosters social responsibility, and optimizes the  opportunity to impact more children. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado’s mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth. While our  focus is one-to-one mentoring for youth, we hold ourselves accountable by partnering with youth mentees, parents/guardians, volunteers, local communities, and caring philanthropists to achieve positive outcomes. When the opportunity became available to become an equity clinic for our program families, Big  Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado embraced it immediately. Interim CEO, Karen Collins, stated, ‘Being part of the social equity solution means breaking down social barriers and what better way to do that right now than to support our families’ right to equitable access to COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Karen Collins, Interim CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado.

Village at Westerly Creek 

“The Aurora Housing Authority is pleased to work with the State of Colorado to serve some of our most vulnerable residents in the fight against COVID.  As we know, lower-income and minority citizens have challenges in accessing quality healthcare. Our partnership with the State is a great example of trying to bridge the gap in vaccine access. I know our residents are thankful that with the vaccine, they can start to enjoy so many things in life that have been restricted in this past year,” said Craig Maraschky, Executive Director of Aurora Housing Authority.

FRIENDS of Broomfield 

“FRIENDS of Broomfield is honored and thankful to be partnering with the Governor’s Office and Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to host a vaccine clinic for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  FRIENDS of Broomfield has seen first-hand, the negative impact the Covid Virus has had on the IDD population. Many have experienced the loss of consistent, structured skill-building activities, the loss of a job, the lack of socialization and isolation from their community.  By getting people with IDD the vaccine, we are one step closer to resuming our normal routines and reconnecting with our “friends.”  The individuals we serve report they are excited to be vaccinated and be together again!”  said Gina Coufal, Founder and CEO. 


Support, INC 

“We are thrilled to partner with the Governor’s Office and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment to host a COVID-19 vaccine clinic for our organization.  We know and understand the risks of COVID-19 when working with people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and how critical it is to relay accurate information to all of our constituents so that our individuals can make informed decisions.  Through this partnership, we have been able to do this and promote the importance of the vaccine.  By hosting this clinic, access has been dramatically increased for all individuals associated with our organization to receive the vaccine and expert information from our public health experts,” said Cathy Kellogg, Intake and Marketing Specialist.

Summit County Public Health 

“Summit County Public Health has been closely collaborating with other county departments, community-based and faith-based organizations, neighboring county public health departments, and CDPHE with the common goals of increasing access and decreasing barriers to vaccines. The clinic next Wednesday is an example of this collaboration with the Family & Intercultural Resource Center and will offer bilingual scheduling support, a limited number of walk-up appointments, as well as bilingual vaccine education for underserved populations in our community. We are so grateful to CDPHE for helping make this possible given some of the capacity restraints of our department,” said Jacklyn Thompson, Care Coordinator. 

Aurora Mental Health 

“Aurora Mental Health Center proudly partnered with CDPHE and the Governor’s Office to host a community-based pop-up clinic focused on increasing the equity of the COVID vaccine distribution to our community members.  We believe strongly in our values of honoring and respecting all persons and putting our community first and it was our pleasure to help to ensure that all community members who are phase-eligible have access to the vaccine because of its importance in keeping our community safe and ending this pandemic.  By partnering with our affiliate Asian Pacific Development Center and holding the clinic at their location in North Aurora we were able to specifically target distributing the vaccine to refugees and immigrants, racial and ethnic minorities who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID, and people with disabilities.  We look forward to hosting these same community members for dose two next week and additionally are hoping to host another vaccine clinic in April,” said Kirsten Anderson, Vice President of Operations and Disaster.

Town of Bennett 

"Hosting this vaccination clinic was an important step in moving forward on the Eastern plains. Bennett is so grateful to have hosted this clinic, making the vaccine more accessible to our community. We were proud to be a resource for the residents of the Town and the I-70 corridor and to be a place where they can find accurate information on the vaccine in partnership with the State of Colorado,” said Trish Stiles, Town Administrator. 

St. Francis Center 

“Some of the most at-risk and vulnerable people in our community are those people experiencing homelessness, with 15% of them having contracted the Covid virus.   We are pleased to have the governor’s office getting more vaccines to our people since many have health conditions that put them at a higher risk than the general population,” said Tom Luehrs, Executive Director of St. Francis Center. 


Ventanilla de Salud 

“Servicios de La Raza and the Ventanilla de Salud program have earned the trust and respect from the community we serve, by providing reliable personalized information we have made an impact in controlling the pandemic. Thanks to the Governor’s health equity plan, more underserved Coloradans are taking the vaccine. Our commitment to continue with these efforts is permanent. We are proud of being part of a responsible community, we understand the need, the solution is on our shoulders!” said Ricardo Gonzalez M.D.

A Brighter Community, LLC

“We at A Brighter Community heard about Alliance’s campaign to  #RollUpYourSleeves & help Colorado conquer COVID and decided to get involved.  We applied to become a vaccine clinic site to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) receive their vaccines quickly and in a safe, relaxed environment.  Those who have signed up, as well as their families, have been extremely grateful for this opportunity.  Some even said our announcement made them cry happy tears of relief!  We are hopeful that people with IDD will soon be able to return to their community activities with confidence.  We all want to get our busy lives back on track and start enjoying the meaningful, inclusive lives we all deserve.  Thank you to CDPHE and everyone else who has made it possible!” said Leah Martin, Co-owner. 

Aurora Economic Opportunity Coalition 

"The Aurora Economic Opportunity Coalition (AEOC) will be hosting a second Moderna vaccine clinic in partnership with the Colorado Governor's office on March 18, 2021.  Our organization is grateful for the support we have received from the Governor's office.  Our organization serves nearly 500 day labor workers and North Aurora residents who are mostly from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, and together make up some of the most vulnerable communities when it comes to the Covid 19 virus.  The AEOC is working hard to make sure as many community members as possible receive credible information on the impacts of the virus, as well as information on how to get vaccinated, especially when it comes to the immigrant and refugee communities of North Aurora,” said Mateos Alvarez, Executive Director

Mi Casa Resource Center

“We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with the Governor’s office.  The community we serve has been disproportionately affected by this pandemic and has faced many challenges seeking the vaccine.  Mi Casa is a well-recognized organization that has been around for 45 years, and has gained the trust of the community. We are eager to continue to serve by assisting in the community’s recovery,” said Angeles Ortega, Chief Executive Officer.

Weekly Focus 

“Weekly Focus Korean Newspaper wants to thank Governor Polis and resource partner, CDPHE for understanding the importance of connecting with diverse communities. Korean community is grateful for this special effort and hope this effort continues until going back to the life we all deserve,” said Kaylie Kim, president of Weekly Focus Korean newspaper.